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This Week’s Comics: Sweet Arctic Home

Prepare to bid summer farewell with some of this week’s new releases. Archie Comics takes you behind the looking glass into “Mirrordale” in Archie #647. Papercutz releases the third volume of that freaky fruit Annoying Orange, and Viz Media has a slew of media tie-ins including the new series Max Steel.

The List:

Mouse Guard Legends Of The Guard Volume 2 #2 (Of 4), $3.50

Archie #647 (Dan Parent Regular Cover), $2.99
Archie #647 (Jeff Shultz Variant Cover), $2.99
Betty And Veronica Double Digest #215, $3.99
Sonic Super Special Magazine #8 (Sticker Spectacular), $9.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #252 (Ben Bates Regular Cover), $2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog #252 (Sega Variant Cover), $2.99
Sonic The Hedgehog Select Volume 8 TP, $11.99

Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Volume 1 TP, $16.99

Garfield #17 (Cover A Gary Barker & Lisa Moore), $3.99

Scooby-Doo Where Are You #37, $2.99

Elsewhere Chronicles Volume 6 The Tower Of Shadows GN, $6.95
Little Prince Volume 11 The Planet Of Libris GN, $7.95
Little Prince Volume 12 The Planet Of Ludokaa GN, $7.95
Waluk GN, $7.95 **Weekly Pick**

Disney Junior Magazine #16 (Disney Publishing Worldwide), $4.99
Emerald City Of Oz #3 (Of 5)(Skottie Young Regular Cover), $3.99

Annoying Orange Volume 3 Pulped Fiction SC, $7.99

Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 10 GN, $13.95 **Weekly Pick**

Mameshiba Enchanted GN, $6.99
Max Steel Volume 1 The Parasites GN, $7.99
Monsuno Combat Chaos Volume 2 Revenge Sacrifice GN, $7.99
Pokemon Adventures Volume 18 TP, $9.99
WINX Club Volume 9 The Cursed Jewel GN, $6.99

The Picks:

Waluk GN – Lerner Publishing makes the plight of the arctic in the read of kids. Waluk is a young polar bear who has been abandoned by his mother, as is the way of polar bears, and must now fend for himself. He doesn’t know much about the world. His arctic world is changing with the ice melting, and food is hard to find. While other polar bears raid and beg from the humans, Waluk meets cranky old Manitok, an old bear with missing teeth and a bad sense of smell. But he knows the Arctic, and teaches Waluk about seals, foxes and the changing seasons. Waluk learns about the humans too, when Manitok is caught in a trap. While the humans think they are helping by putting Manitok down, Waluk tries to rally the other polar beats to rescue him. Aimed at elementary-aged readers, this title shows the effects of climate change through the eyes of one of the Arctic’s best known inhabitants. The engaging story and illustrations will get this book into the hands of many kids. It would make a great addition to any library.

Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 10 GN – Vertical’s adorable grey kitten is back for more fun and adventure! Ever since the first volume, Chi has had memories of his mother and home. Now, Chi is very close to finally being reunited with her and her siblings. But there are obstacles still to overcome, the biggest of which is whether or not the Yamadas will be able to part with their youngest family member. While this series is full of fun and cute kitten antics, it can also be heartwarming and poignant. The later volumes have really been tugging at the heartstrings, but don’t let that stop you from picking up this one. Chi’s story is filled with love and laughter, and you won’t find a better story to share with your young ones.

Images © Lerner Publishing Group and Vertical, Inc. respectively.

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