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A Mom’s Journey Into Homestuck Part 5B

Coming in late to a series can have its advantages. My kids were telling me that when Cascade, the final flash that closes out Act 5, came out, they couldn’t watch it immediately. So many people wanted to watch it, and it was so big—it’s 12 minutes long—that the site kept crashing. Hussie eventually had to come up with a way for people to download it and watch it on their own computers. I remember my kids both huddled around my oldest daughter’s desktop watching something. When I asked what they were doing, they just answered “Homestuck.” Now I understand why they were together and why they were there for so long.

Act 5 Act 2a: Wrapping it Up

We return to our story two characters down, and with one very freaked out Karkat. Can’t really blame him. His team is turning on each other, and his mellow best friend may be turning into a homicidal maniac. Yeah, it may not be his best day ever. After Gamzee reduces the cast, we come to what is possibly one of the best scenes ever in the comic, and all I have to say is Kanaya. Is. AWESOME! Her return both floored me and had me laughing out loud! The trolls may have their problems, but as long as people like Kanaya and Karkat are around, they’re going to survive.

This second half of the act delves into more of the trolls’ past and their ancestors that many of them emulated. Vriska and Terezi especially wanted to follow in their ancestors’ footsteps. This led in part to Vriska’s fall. I will admit, Hussie did what I thought was impossible and made Vriska a sympathetic character. I still don’t like her, but I can see now why some might. I was even rooting for Vriska and John when they went on their first date. Karkat got a lot of development, both about his ancestor and how he handled the troll’s game session. He confesses to Jade how he thinks he’s responsible for the problems both the trolls and the humans have had to face. It was wonderfully heartfelt, something you wouldn’t expect from the troll with anger issues. It’s one of the reasons he remains my favorite troll.

The humans had a lot to do. John and Rose had some heart breaking moments losing their guardians—and nearly Rose as well—to Jack Noir’s blade. Jade and Dave had to go frog breeding, which is part of the game. They must find a specific frog that will be the seed for the next universe that is created. John had to do his windy thing to find the “tumor” for Rose and Dave, and then he had to be the one to “scratch” the session and possibly give them all a second chance in a new session.

The web part of the Homestuck being a web comic was used to its fullest in this part of the story. The game disk gets scratched by Terezi and has to be repaired by “Doc Scratch,” an omniscient character from the trolls’ universe who helps both trolls and humans but has an ulterior motive. While we read Doc Scratch’s scrap book, which branches off into several different characters’ story lines, the header of the website is used to tell Jade and Dave’s frog breeding story. It also allows Hussie to jump into the story and help Aradia’s ancestor, as well as introduce again the big bad Lord English. The use of the header and mouse overs was clever and very well done. You could follow Doc Scratch’s slower story along with the more action packed header stories.

Everything comes to a head in Cascade, the flash I mentioned in the introduction. Much like the last half of Act 5, the flash jumps around between the trolls, the humans, and Jack Noir. What makes this even more confusing is that there are two Jack Noirs, both with different agendas. Jack Noir’s relationship to Jade becomes key as his loyalty overrides his hatred and her reaching God Tier as the Witch of Space becomes the means for everyone’s escape. Rose and Dave reach their own God Tiers as the Seer of Light and Knight of Time as their own plans have the opposite effect from what they intended. Doc Scratch’s plans come to fruition as well, but Jade is able to pull everyone together, and they make their escape just as Jack Noir comes face to face with the Peregrine Medicant who has had a transformation of her own.

The first time I watched this, I think I got only half of what was going on, if that. My kids were waiting for me to watch it, because as soon as I told them I had finally seen it they started asking what I thought. Of course it also gave me the opportunity to ask them about it and they were able to explain some things, like the two Jacks. I watched it again after this, and the flash made more sense. I understood what was happening better and could make the connections I missed completely the first time around.

While I have enjoyed reading Homestuck, I’m finding sharing it with my kids has been the most fun part. They have been able to guide me through and explain things that wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. They’ve enjoyed sharing it as well, which has made it doubly great. They love helping me understand things and dangling hints in front of me of what is still to come. And there is still a lot yet to come as I move into Act 6, with a lot of questions still left unanswered, and a whole new cast of characters to meet. I’ve already been so far, and yet I feel like there is still so far to go.

Lori Henderson About Lori Henderson

Lori Henderson is a mother of two teenage daughters and an avid reader. She blogs about manga at her personal blog Manga Xanadu as well as contributing and editing for Manga Village. She blogs about all things fandom (mainly Doctor Who) at her other personal blog Fangirl Xanadu. She's been at it so for over 5 years now and counting!


  1. Yeah it’s really difficult to get everything about Cascade the very first time! I needed 4 times to have things kinda clear at first. Now I’ve read the whole comic 5 times and everytime I get to Cascade I nearly cry, because I totally understand what’s going on and the whole story and the things left unsaid a lot better…

  2. Yea, Act 6 is intense. If you’re worried about not hating Vriska anymore, well…
    Two of the new characters introduced, they’re just…
    The Worst.

  3. Lori Henderson Lori Henderson says:

    @Sally: Wow. Five times through the comic already? I think I’d have a hard time doing it all over again considering how long it took me to get to where I am now, but I must admit a re-read through would be interesting knowing what I know now. The whole scene with Jack and Jade gets to me.

    @Ryan Great….so much more fun to look forward to. 😉 That’s not to say I don’t hate Vriska anymore, I just don’t hate her as much.

  4. I absolutely love Homestuck and is so happy you are doing this! I know these take a long time, but do you have any idea when you will produce the next one :)? I really enjoy these and can’t wait for your next installment!

  5. NeoDarklight says:

    Only five times? I’m on my 8th readthrough. Mind you, I’ve been on said read through for over half a year now since I’m easily distracted… But meh.

    You are going to LOATHE undyingUmbrage. And then you are going to laugh at the things Hussie does to him. That’s all I’m going to say about Act 6.

  6. I have to admit, it’s quite entertaining to see your reactions to Homestuck, something that not many adults approve of or are interested in. I’m dying to know if you have any ships… maybe make a post about them if you have any?

  7. Are you still reviewing/reading homestuck? I’d like to see more!

    • Lori Henderson Lori Henderson says:

      Major apologies! I am still reading Homestuck, but have fallen woefully behind thanks to RL. But I have started Act 6 Act 1 and should have a post up soon!

  8. If you thought troll romance was hard…

    Just wait until you get the LEPRECHAUN romance!

  9. im really looking forward to the next part of this !!! act 6 is my favorite act

  10. An amused teen says:

    I am a 14 year old going on 15, and I read Homestuck. I introduced my mom to it through a couple fan made videos, and I am amused to say the least to hear about a parent introducing their kids to Homestuck.

    Eridan Ampora

  11. Are you ever continuing this? It would be cool to see your thoughts on where the comic is currently.

  12. Hannah (20) says:

    OK this is adorable. It’s very cute for me to imagine a mom sitting down and reading Homestuck because her kids are into it.

    I do wonder if you’ll ever read any more, seeing as I think this is the last post in the tag, and it was made a while ago, but I’m glad you got this far at least. I was hoping you would like Kanaya.

    I do wonder what your thoughts on Rose’s mom are, Blog Mom. She toes the line between being a bad parent and loving. What does your mom perspective think of her?

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