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New Graphic Novels for Every Age

Viz Media has been working to be able to provide titles for every age and interest. Lately, they’ve debuts titles for kids, tweens, teens and older teens that would look good on any graphic novel collection shelf.

For the kids, check out Uglydoll: EAT DAT!, out from Viz’s imprint Perfect Square. It features 18 food-inspired stories several artists, including Uglydoll creators Sun-Min Kim and David Horvath. Fill your stomach with such tasty treats as soup and tiny tacos. Come see an over-the-top high-stakes cooking competition, tour Babo’s Bakery and marvel at Wedgehead’s culinary commentary. The full color graphic novel is rated for all ages, and is $7.99 in print, or $4.99 in digital on iOS.

Moving up to tweens, Perfect Square has two titles to fulfill the love for adventure in every kid. Ben 10 Omniverse: Joyrides features two stories. In “Tim 10”, Ben’s aliens are causing trouble in Undertown, but Ben doesn’t remember doing any of it, or even changing into the aliens! Ben has to figure out what’s wrong before his reputation is ruined. Then in “Down in the Dumps”, Ben tries to teach a class of plumbing recruits at the academy and ends getting them into all kinds of trouble.

In Max Steel: Hero Overload, Max, the boy with uncontrollable turbo energy who merges with a know-it-all alien Ultralink named Steel who helps him control it, learns he isn’t the only teen with superpowers. He encounters a trio of teens who are in serious need of training. But with one of Max’s biggest baddies just waiting to strike, will he be able to get them trained in time, or will he have to go into battle with a bunch of newbies? Both books are full color and rated for all ages. They are available in print for $7.99 and $4.99 in digital on iOS.

For teens looking to enjoy some romance, Viz has released a 3-in-1 omnibus of High School Debut from their Shojo Beat line. Haruna needs help with finding a boyfriend! After missing out on dating in Middle School thanks to her devotion to softball, she wants to find a boyfriend and experience the joys of dating and love her first year in high school. But after failing to catch the eye of any of the boys, she turns to popular upperclassman Yoh to coach her on being more appealing. Yoh agrees on the condition she doesn’t fall in love with him! With Yoh’s help, Haruna discovers how to dress better, what guys to avoid, and what it feels like to fall in love for the first time. This series was previously named a Great Graphic Novel for Teens by YALSA. This omnibus collects the first three volumes and is available for the very friendly print price of $14.99.

Older teens looking for a more gritty survival story will want to check out Deadman Wonderland from Viz. Middle school student Ganta Igarashi has been framed for the brutal murder of his classmates by the mysterious Red Man, and has been sentenced to the bizarre and fatal theme park/prison Deadman Wonderland. Risen from the ruins of the Great Tokyo Earthquake, prisoners must fight for survival every day to provide entertainment for the masses. Ganta is determined to survive this “hell on earth” and clear his name, but the price may be his soul. This is a dark and gritty take on the future, and can be bloody sometimes, but its dystopian view of prisons and the gladiatorial entertainment it is meant to provide may appeal to fans of The Hunger Games or other like-minded readers. The first volume is now available for $9.99 in print or $6.99 in digital.


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