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Exclusive Web Comic | ‘A Tale of Two Pennies’

Sometimes, blogging about good comics for kids means presenting some actual good comics for kids. Troy Wilson (Perfect Man) and Caleb Hystad (Raven Tales) have given Good Comics for Kids permission to post first, in its entirety, their adorable tale of a girl and two pennies.

Hystad is an animation director best known for the Smithsonian Channel’s multiple-award winning television series Raven Tales. Throughout his career he’s worked as a mascot designer, game pixel artist, voice actor, and in almost every stage of animation production. He currently enjoys living off the coast of British Columbia in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

Wilson is best known as the author of the acclaimed picture book Perfect Man, but he has also written numerous kids’ stories for Chickadee, Chirp, and Highlights for Children. He’s also given well received presentations for all ages at schools, libraries, bookstores, festivals, and conferences across Canada.

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Michael May has been writing about comics for a little over a decade. He started as a reviewer for Comic World News and soon became editor-in-chief of the site. Leaving editorial duties to focus on writing, he joined The Great Curve, the comics blog that eventually became Blog@Newsarama and finally Comic Book Resources' Robot 6. In addition to loving comics, he loves his son and enjoys nothing more than finding (and writing about) awesome comics for the boy to read.

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