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Papercutz Raving About Rabbids

While scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across a tweet from Papercutz. It was a cross post from Tumblr, reblogging a tumble from author Eric M. Esquivel, announcing he would be launching of a new graphic novel series with Papercutz featuring Rabbids.

What are Rabbids you may ask? If you don’t have tweens or video gamers in your house, you may not know about these strange creatures. Rabbids look like rabbits. They are white, with long ears, and buck teeth. They are also the strangest creatures you will ever see. They started out as part of the Ray Man video game franchise, a platformer developed in France, as antagonists, but soon spun off into its own series with a total of 6 games released from 2006-2011. The Rabbids don’t speak words but their own kind of gibberish. If you are familiar with the minions from Despicable Me, it is very similar to their speech. Their weapons range from feather dusters and plungers to giant robots.

The Rabbids’ popularity has grown to the point of crossing into other media. McFarlane Toys released a series of action figures and a CGI cartoon series, Rabbids Invasion, that debuted on Nickelodeon last year. And just this February, game publisher Ubisoft announced that Sony Pictures would be teaming up with them to make a hybrid live action/animation movie about them, much like their Sonic the Hedgehog announcement at E3. So a comic/graphic novel featuring these loony beasts is practically a no-brainer.

I’m familiar with Rabbids because my youngest daughter loved them, so we have most of the video games and all the toys. They take silliness and absurdity to the extreme. Writer Eric Esquivel has written for the Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, and Sonic the Hedgehog franchises to name a few, so this project looks to be in good hands. While information is still forthcoming on the series, I’m looking forward to what kind of zaniness Papercutz has in store for the Raving Rabbids.

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