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Halloween ComicFest 2015

Halloween Comic Fest 2015
Along with all the tricks and treats that come with this time of year, there comes something else. Not something wicked, but something wonderful: Halloween ComicFest is back, and it’s taking place on the special day itself, October 31st! Like Free Comic Book Day, Halloween ComicFest is a day where participating comic shops give away comics themed for the season. Publishers seem to enjoy getting into the spirit of the season and offer up samplers of some of their titles past, present, and future.

Kitaro HCFThere are several titles available, as both full-size and mini comics. Some returning publishers include Action Lab Entertainment which offers a special crossover of their superhero titles Molly Danger, Midnight Tiger, and Stray in an event that can only be called the Actionverse. Aspen brings back Ernie the Seahorse and the characters from several of their other titles in an all new, all ages series, The Adventures of Psycho Bonkers, and sends them all off on a race. DC Comics brings back a classic with the first issue of Batman Adventures, the comic based on the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. IDW releases Donald Duck’s Halloween Scream, which features two classic Disney stories. BOOM! Studios has the mini Halloween Haunt 2015 featuring the of their popular all ages titles, Adventure Time, Lumberjanes, and Steven Universe. Dark Horse Comics’ mini Grimmiss Island features the first story from the mini series featuring Grimmiss, the Spanish-speaking, skull-headed little guy with lots of energy. Archie Comics has a mini of The World of Archie, featuring Archie and Jughead at a real monster of a party.

Spook-a-RamaAmong some of the new titles, Drawn and Quarterly has a preview of their new series Kitaro, in an issue that tells of the origin of the yokai boy of the Ghost Tribe. Chakra the Invincible is a new series from Graphic India, created by legendary comic creator Stan Lee, that introduces some of his villains and spooky adventures campfire style. Bitten is an upcoming graphic novel based on the novel Little Werewolf. Diamond is releasing a short story set in the universe for new readers to check out. The Garlicks is a mini from Lea Hernandez through Action Lab and features a butcher’s assistant who goes to check out a party with real monsters. IDW brings Skylanders to the Halloween party with an introduction to the candy villainy of Pain-Yatta and features a special selection from the upcoming 4th volume. Spook-A-Rama is a mini about a boy who goes to tour the studio of monster-making hero but finds things are more real than he imagined. The story is in the vein of Goonies and Monster Squad and looks perfect for the season. Yokai Watch is from Viz Media and is a new series debuting this month. Their mini is an except from the first volume which is about a boy who receives a watch that lets him see the mysterious creatures known as Yokai.

GarlicksThose are all the all ages titles, but there are also titles for rated for teens and adults to check out. To find a comic shop near you that is participating, check this link which will find stores by zip code. If you want to preview a title for content, there are previews also available on the Halloween ComicFest site. Celebrate this Halloween by getting the kids a treat for their mind as well as their trick-or-treat bags.

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