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Scott Westerfeld, Shannon Hale on First Second’s Spring 2017 List

Spill ZoneThe graphic novel imprint First Second, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, has just unveiled its full Spring 2017 list. Here’s a look at the kids’ and teens’ titles, which include some familiar names from the world of prose.

Spill Zone, by Scott Westerfeld and Alex Puvilland: Scott Westerfeld makes his comics debut with a graphic novel about a teenager who loses her parents to an environmental disaster—and earns her living by making dangerous forays to photograph the Spill Zone, the site of the catastrophe. First Second is running the comic online prior to publication, so you can start reading it here. (Ages 15-17, May 2017)

Real Friends, by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham: It’s the old story of a friendship threatened by popularity, bullying, and just plain growing up, but it’s always fresh to a new group of readers. Hale and Pham discussed it in an interview with the LA Times in September. (Ages 8-12, May 2017)

Making Scents, by Arthur Yorinks, Braden Lamb, and Shelli Paroline: A boy who is raised with a houseful of dogs takes on some dog-like qualities himself—but then his life gets difficult after a tragic accident displaces him from his home, and he goes to live with an aunt and uncle who are not big fans of either kids or dogs. Yorinks is a veteran prose writer; Lamb and Paroline were the artists for BOOM! Studios’ Adventure Time comics. (Ages 7-10; June 2017)

pigs-might-flyPigs Might Fly, by Nick Abadzis and Jerel Dye: A whimsical story about a young girl building a flying machine—and a rural world threatened by an invasion of warthogs. Heidi MacDonald has a preview at The Beat. (Ages 8-12, July 2017)

Science Comics: Flying Machines, by Alison Wilgus and Molly Brooks: Two accomplished cartoonists offer a fresh take on the story of the Wright brothers. We ran a cover review and preview right here at Good Comics for Kids! (Ages 9-13, May 2017)

Science Comics: Plagues, by Falynn Christine Koch: It’s gross and funny and really scientific! GeekDad ran a list of fun facts about germs along with the cover reveal. (Ages 9-13, August 2017)

Animal Crackers, by Scott Christian Sava and Alison Acton: A fun adventure story about a boy, a circus, and magical animal crackers. (Ages 7-11, March 2017)

The Big Bad Fox, by Benjamin Renner: A fox steals some chicken eggs, thinking they will make a fine meal when they hatch—but the baby chicks imprint on him and think he’s their mother! Renner talked a bit about his inspiration for the story at Comics Alliance. (Ages 7-11, June 2017)

Crafty Cat and the Crafty Camp Crisis, by Cherise Mericle Harper: Harper mixes real craft projects with a cute story about a girl who turns into a crafty cat to solve problems. GeekDad had a preview earlier this year. (Ages 6-10, August 2017)

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