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Review: Graveyard Shakes

Released in time for Halloween, Graveyard Shakes was an excellent choice to help get the spook on. But though Halloween is gone for another year, horror is always in high demand in my library!

Graveyard Shakes
By Laura Terry.
Graphix. 2017. ISBN 9780545889544
PBK, $12.99. 204pp.
Grades 4 and up

Graveyard ShakesSisters Katia and Victoria both attend an elite boarding school Katia is a bit quirky and doesn’t quite fit in. But Victoria tries her best to roll with everyone. She also tries to get her sister to flow with the crowd, but Katia refuses. After one horrible fight, Katia runs away and gets lost in the forest behind the woods, where a graveyard lies. She doesn’t know that there is a sinister caretaker, Nikola, there who is determined to keep his son alive, using an evil spell. When Katia runs into the graveyard, she runs into his trap. In the meanwhile, Victoria sets out after here and teams up with other ghosts to make sure her sister is safe.

This fast-paced graphic novel will surely satisfy young readers looking for a bit of a spook. It’s not overly scary but will have their hearts racing. The artwork complements the story: The scenes in the boarding school are bright and airy, while the graveyard scenes are eerily creepy. The color choices add a lot to the tone of the books.

Though pitched at younger readers than Baba Yaga’s Assistant and Into the Woods, Graveyard Shakes will fit right into that category.

This review is based on a complimentary copy supplied by the publisher. All images copyright © Graphix.

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