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Next Maker Comics Cover Fan Activities

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The first two Maker Comics, Bake Like a Pro! and Fix a Car!, were full of practical do-it-yourself skills everyone should know. The next two, out later this year, are more fan-focused.

Maker Comics: Create a Costume!

Create a Costume! by Sarah Myer is due out August 2019. It’s got advice from “Costume Critter, the world’s cutest cosplayer!” about making a costume for a convention in an economical, easy way. The publisher promises, “You can make amazing costumes — all you need are the right tools, a little know-how, and a lot of imagination.” Included are suggestions for

  • Magical girl (or boy!)
  • Witch or wizard
  • Animal hoodie
  • Space traveler or astronaut
  • Superhero (or villain!)
  • Alien or monster

Maker Comics: Draw a Comic!

Draw a Comic! by JP Coovert is coming October 2019. A comic about making comics is a great way to explore the format and learn to tell stories. Says the publisher, “Follow these simple steps to sketch out your story ideas and ink a comic page. Learn which art supplies are best for drawing comics — you can use a pen, a brush, or even a computer! With the help of photocopy machine, you can even self-publish your own comics and share them with your friends!”

Both Maker Comics are available in either hardcover or paperback from First Second. They’re for ages 9-13 or grade levels 4-6.

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  1. […] Next Maker Comics Cover Fan Activities — Speaking of fannish fun, First Second has announced two new Maker Comics. Maker Comics: Create a Costume! by Sarah Myer, coming in August, deals with convention cosplay, while Maker Comics: Draw a Comic! by JP Coovert, out in October, deals with what the title says. I’m curious to see if the series continues swapping between life skills (the first two covered baking and car maintenance) and entertainment. […]

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