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Review: Mech Cadet Yu

Mech Cadet Yu 1
Though I read these volumes out of order, I really enjoyed the stories. This series is quite different than my “normal” reading, but I’m always thrilled when I can enjoy a title that will be a perfect fit for the boys who come to the library. (And girls too… but this will be an easy sell to the boys.)

Mech Cadet Yu V. One (May 30, 2018) $14.99
Mech Cadet Yu V. Two (October 17, 2018) $14.99
By Greg Pak. Takeshi Miyazawa, and Triona Farrell.
Boom Comics.
Grades 5 and up

Every four years, four robots descend from outer space. They are met by an elite group of cadets who bond with the robots. Stanford is the help, the janitor. He’s out riding when one robo mech goes off course and inadvertently bonds with him, so Stanford is now part of the cadets and asked to join the academy.

At the same time, the Sharg, fearsome and grotesque aliens, return to attack earth. Stanford and his friends disobey orders and, with the help of their Mech Robos, they set out to defeat the Sharg. The diverse group of cadets are fractured, and there are underlying politics and secrets to be uncovered. Each volume leaves readers hanging with just the right amount of suspense.

The artwork is bright and vivid, with lots of action and hideous monsters. The Robos don’t say all that much, but the artwork creates sympathetic and sweet fighting machines. This is a worthy read and purchase.

Look for Volume 3 next month.

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Esther Keller is the librarian at JHS 278, Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY. There she started the library's first graphic novel collection and strongly advocated for using comics in the classroom. Her collection is also the model for all middle school libraries in NYC. She started her career at the Brooklyn Public Library, and later jumped ship to the school system so she could have summer vacation and a job that would align with a growing family's schedule. On the side, she is a mother of 4 and regularly reviews for SLJ and School Library Connection (formerly LMC). In her past life, she served on the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee where she solidified her love and dedication to comics.

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