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‘Sheets’ Sequel Due Next Year

The Lion Forge Free Comic Book Day giveaway comic contains a new story by Brenna Thummler with the same characters as her graphic novel Sheets. In A Sheets Story, Marjorie, her father, and her younger brother visit her grandmother, who wants to sew with her. Her ghost friend Wendell has tagged along as well. It’s Mother’s Day, and that causes unpleasant memories of the family’s loss.

A Sheets Story Free Comic Book Day issue

The story is quietly charming, and there’s an ad at the back of the issue that carries some welcome news: A sequel to Sheets called Delicates will be coming in August 2020.

Delicates ad

Little is known about the content yet, but given the themes of the Free Comic Book Day story, one might assume that it deals with the challenges of adolescence and how to make and keep new friends. In A Sheets Story, Marjorie is fretting over not being able to yet get her ears pierced and worrying about fitting in at school, popular themes for the pre-teen age group the original graphic novel was aimed for.

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