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This Week’s Comics: Holiday Hijinx

Highlights from this week’s new comics and manga releases include the first original graphic novel for Rugrats, The Last Token. Lion Forge releases the second volume of Milo’s World, The Black Queen while Tokyopop continues the peaceful slice of life manga Aria The Masterpiece Volume 4.

The List:

Casper’s Classic Christmas #1, $3.99

Archie And Me Jumbo Comics Digest #23, $7.99 **Weekly Pick**
Everything’s Archie Volume 2 TP, $10.99

Lumberjanes #68, $3.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #45, $3.99
Rugrats Volume 1 The Last Token, $14.99

Looney Tunes #252, $2.99

Marvel Action Classics Ant-Man, $4.99
My Little Pony Holiday Special, $4.99 **Weekly Pick**
Sonic The Hedgehog #23, $3.99
Star Wars Adventures #28), $3.99
Uncle Scrooge #51, $4.99
Young Donald Duck Volume 1 TP, $14.99

Milo’s World Volume 2 The Black Queen HC, $19.99

Smurfs Volume 26 Smurf Salad HC, $12.99

Aria The Masterpiece Omnibus Volume 4 GN, $24.99

This Picks:

Archie And Me Jumbo Comics Digest #23 – Archie Comics Publications gets into the holiday spirit with a brand new story for this collection of Archie & Me comics. Jingles the elf doesn’t want to be in the elf business anymore. So, he leaves his home in the North pole and moves to Riverdale, joining Archie and his friends. But the gang isn’t too overjoyed to have this new person join their crew. Just in time for the long weekend, this digest is a great way to keep readers young and old entertained.

My Little Pony Holiday Special – IDW Publishing brings back the tradition of the holiday special for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This year, Rarity is invited to three parties on Hearth’s Warming Eve. One is in Manehattan, one in Canterlot, and one at home in Ponyville. Not one to miss out on any of the fun, she decides to go to all three, instead of choosing just one. But between train rides, avalanches, and general distraction, her plan doesn’t work out as well as she hoped. This issue also includes a special bonus story to warm your hearth. After taking a year off, the holiday special is back to help fill the void now that the TV series has ended.

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