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This Week’s Comics: Little Lumberjanes

Highlights from this week’s list of new comics and manga releases include a new Dog Man graphic novel, volume 8 Fetch-22. IDW Publishing finishes the first Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off series in nearly two decades with Tangle and Whisper #4, while Scholastic releases the first volume from their Pokemon Graphic Collection with Battle with the Ultra Beast.

The List:

Archie Christmas Spectacular #1, $2.99
Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #279, $7.99

Lumberjanes Volume 13 TP, $14.99 **Weekly Pick**
Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #26 (Cover A JLou Manuel), $3.99
Steven Universe #35 (Cover A Missy Pena), $3.99

Disney Frozen True Treasure #2 (Of 3)(Cover A Eduard Petrovich), $3.99

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Volume 1 Karen’s Witch GN, $10.99 **Weekly Pick**
Dog Man Volume 8 Fetch-22 GN, $12.99

Disney Afternoon Giant #8 (Cover A Magic Eye Studios), $5.99
My Little Pony Volume 13 Star Pupil GN, $7.99
Sonic The Hedgehog Tangle And Whisper #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Evan Stanley), $3.99
Uncle Scrooge The World Of Ideas TP, $12.99

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14, $3.99
Miles Morales Spider-Man #13 (Cover A Javi Garron), $3.99

Pokemon Graphic Collection Volume 1 Battle With The Ultra Beast GN, $22.99

The Picks:

Lumberjanes Volume 13 TP – Boom! Studios takes the Lumberjanes out for an underground adventure. When a rainstorm keeps the Lumberjanes confined to the mess hall, there’s little for them to do than stay inside, stay dry and NOT to get into trouble. But for adventurers like the girls of Roanoke cabin, knitting, playing in the camp band, and yoga just aren’t enough to keep them busy. Jo and Molly try to follow the approved list of indoor activities by trying out tabletop roleplaying, while Ripley, April and Mal sneak off for a snack run that leads them to discover a secret tunnel beneath the kitchens, and the colossal prehistoric bug that lives there. No rainy day is going to keep these Hardcore Lady-Types from the call to adventure! This volume is a great way to help kids keep away their own rainy-day (or snowy-day) blues.

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Volume 1 Karen’s Witch GN – Graphix debut’s a spin-off series of the popular The Baby-sitters Club. Karen Brewer is the little stepsister to Kristy, and is sure her next door neighbor is a witch. Mrs. Porter wears long robes, has wild gray hair, a black cat named Midnight, and seems to always be working in her garden. She must be a witch named Morbidda Destiny, and Karen is determined to prove it, even if it means spying on her neighbor when she isn’t supposed to. As Mrs. Porter prepares to host a special meeting at her house, Karen must find a way to stop this meeting of witches or else they may cast a spell on her! This new graphic novel series for readers aged 7-10 is sure to be as big a hit as the novel series on which it is based.

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