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News: ‘Action Presidents’ Series Continuing This Summer

The Action Presidents series of historical graphic novels will continue later this year, with previous volumes being upgraded and re-released.

The first two volumes, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, came out two years ago from HarperCollins. Written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Ryan Dunlavey, the series brings key historical concepts to readers with a large dose of humor and a surprising willingness to tackle some of the less attractive elements of the famous men’s stories. The no-holds-barred storytelling focuses on truth with a good amount of action.

In early June, those first two volumes will be re-released in full-color paperback. (Previously, they were black-and-white hardcovers.) Later that same month, two new volumes will join the series in both paperback and hardcover format.

Action Presidents #3: Theodore Roosevelt!

Action Presidents #3: Theodore Roosevelt! “protected the environment and was the cousin of President Franklin Roosevelt. But did you also know that he was the inspiration for the teddy bear, wrote adventure books, and once gave a speech with a gunshot wound in his chest?”

Action Presidents #4: John F. Kennedy!

Action Presidents #4: John F. Kennedy! “was a World War II hero and a pro at giving speeches. But did you also know he survived shark-infested waters, suffered a case of mistaken identity, and once used a coconut to send a secret message?”

Action Presidents #3: Theodore Roosevelt! and Action Presidents #4: John F. Kennedy! are due out on June 16.

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