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This Week’s Comics: Cub Not Afraid of Everything

Highlights from this week’s short list of new comic releases include a new R.L. Stine graphic novel from Boom! Studios, Just Beyond The Horror at Happy Landings, and a new omnibus of Scary Godmother from Dark Horse Comics.

The List:

Cub GN, $12.95 **Weekly Pick**

Casper Spotlight The Ghostly Trio #1 (Cover A), $3.99

Archie Milestones Digest #8, $7.99
World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #98, $7.99

Just Beyond The Horror At Happy Landings GN, $9.99
Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #32 (Cover A Eleonora Carlini Connecting Variant), $3.99

Disney Lady And The Tramp The Story Of The Movie In Comics HC, $10.99
Disney Princess Follow Your Heart TP, $10.99
Scary Godmother Omnibus TP, $29.99

Afraid Of Everything HC, $19.99 **Weekly Pick**
Disney Comics And Stories #12 (Cover A Marco Mazzarello), $5.99

The Picks:

Cub GN – Algonquin Young Readers releases a graphic memoir about finding your voice. It’s the early 1970s, and twelve-year-old Cindy has just earned an internship as a cub reporter at a local newspaper. She is taken under the wing of a young female reporter who teaches Cindy how to write a lede, respectfully question authority, and assert herself in a world run by men. She also learns how brave reporting and writing can topple a world leader as the Watergate scandal unfolds. Meanwhile, Cindy must also navigate the complicated drama that is the seventh-grade, with its shifting friendships, bullies, and cute boys. Whether she’s searching for scoops, writing about ghost hunters, or falling off her bike and into her first crush, Cindy may not always get things right, but she does grow more wise and confident. This memoir is filled with humor and a coming-of-age story that is relatable to middle grade readers.

Afraid Of Everything HC – IDW asks the question “What kind of scared are you?” There are a lot of phobias out there that make people scared. This title features 26 tales of them, ranging from Arachnophobia to Zoophobia, each a terrifying short story accompanied by a unique illustration. These are fun horror stories for young readers that contain all the fear, dread, risk, and doom of classic horror without the gore. Read about Frigophobia (freezing), Lygophobia (shadows), Melissophobia (bees), and Scopophobia (being watched). Also included are 11 bonus stories as well as details on the origins and developments of the stories and art. Middle grade readers will love these spine-tingling stories.

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