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This Week’s Comics: Let’s Get Historical

Highlights from this week’s list of new and catch-up releases in comics and manga include a new Warriors manga tie-in to the popular novels by Erin Hunter. Viking Books for Young Readers releases the second volume in the Trot and Cap’n Bill Adventure series with Sky Island, while the second Collector’s Edition of Pokemon Adventures comes out from Viz Media.

The List:

Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #283, $7.99
World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #99, $7.99

Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Ghosts #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Michael Walsh), $3.99
Steven Universe Volume 7 Our Fearful Trip TP, $14.99

George McDonald’s The Light Princess The Complete Collection TP, $14.95

Disney Moana The Story Of The Movie In Comics HC, $10.99

History Comics The Great Chicago Fire GN, $12.99
History Comics The Roanoke Colony GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**

Action Presidents Color Edition Volume 1 George Washington GN, $10.99 **Weekly Pick**
Action Presidents Color Edition Volume 2 Abraham Lincoln GN, $10.99
Action Presidents Color Edition Volume 3 Theodore Roosevelt GN, $10.99
Action Presidents Color Edition Volume 4 John F. Kennedy GN, $10.99
Warriors A Shadow In Riverclan GN, $12.99

Marvel Action Classics Avengers Starring Iron Man #1 (Cover A Alvin Lee), $4.99

Cardcaptor Sakura Collector’s Edition Volume 4 HC, $29.99

Comic Quests Knights Club The Alliance Of Dragons GN, $9.99

Nightmare Before Christmas Zero’s Journey #0 (Epilogue), $3.99

Trot And Cap’n Bill Adventure Volume 2 Sky Island GN, $12.99

Pokemon Adventures Collector’s Edition Volume 2 TP, $17.99

The Picks:

History Comics The Roanoke Colony GN – First Second continues their line of non-fiction graphic novels with a new series focused on History. The first thing most people do when they hear the word “history” is to moan. But history can actually be fun and fascinating, as shown in this volume which looks at America’s first mystery. In the late 1580s, England tried to establish their first colony in the New World at Roanoke, in modern day North Carolina. Its leader, John White left, with the promise to return with supplies, which he did in 1590, but found the colony abandoned, and the word “Croatoan” carved into the wall that surrounded the colony. Since then, there has been speculation about what happened to the colony and its people, but no clear answer. With over 400 years of stories of brutal battles, perilous pirate ships, ruthless queens, and enough skeletons to fill a graveyard, separating fact from fiction to solve this mystery won’t be easy. But it will be an adventure! First Second has been hitting it out of the park with their nonfiction titles so far. Don’t expect any less from this series.

Action Presidents Color Edition Volume 1 George Washington GN – Harper Alley takes the biographic route with their nonfiction graphic novel series. Everyone knows George Washington was the first president of the United States and a hero of the American Revolution. But what everyone may not know was that he didn’t want to be president, never thought he would fight in a war, and thought his teeth were so bad that he hated to smile. The true history of this founding father is told through bold and hilarious comic-style illustrations, giving readers a laugh-out-loud experience where the history is real and the jokes are fake! Making history fun will make it interesting to readers, and this series is a lot of fun!

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