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Graphic Novels to Watch Out For in 2021

Three publishers have recently revealed the covers for upcoming middle-grade graphic novels to watch out for in 2021. Let’s check it out!

Lucy in the Sky
Written by Kiara Brinkman, illustrated by Sean Chiki
First Second, $14.99 (paperback), $21.99 (hardcover)
Ages 10-14
Due July 2021

Lucy in the Sky

Ready for the Beatles to be considered history? At least they’re still inspirational! After finding her father’s collection of Beatles records, twelve-year-old Lucy starts her own all-girl rock band as a distraction from family struggles.

Written by Megan Wagner Lloyd, illustrated by Michelle Mee Nutter
Graphix, $12.99 (paperback), $24.99 (hardcover)
Ages 8-12
Due March 2021


Maggie’s going to get a puppy, but she discovers she’s allergic to anything with fur. Her parents are occupied with preparing for a new baby, so how can she cope with the disappointment? This graphic novel follows her attempts to find a dog that won’t make her allergies worse. Any allergic kid will appreciate seeing their ailments captured here; those who aren’t will better understand their struggles.

Dear Super-Villains
Written by Michael Northrup, illustrated by Gustavo Duarte
DC Comics, $9.99
Ages 8-12
Due April 2021

Dear Super-Villains

The sequel to Dear Justice League promises more information on the lives of some of DC’s most famous rogues as they answer letters from kids. Questions include “How did Gorilla Grodd get so smart? Did Harley Quinn ever try a career in comedy? Why does Catwoman always lose to Batman?”

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