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This Week’s Comics: Measuring Up to a Legacy

Highlights from this week’s list of new comics, manga, and graphic novel releases include the graphic novel about Chinese exorcist Inspector Oh from First Comics. Manga Classics releases Anne of Green Gables, the only authorized adaptation, while Papercutz sends the X-Venture Xplorers off on a new adventure in The Kingdom of Animals: Lion vs Tiger.

The List:

Diary A A Wimpy Kid Volume 15 The Deep End HC, $14.99

Archie Giant Comics Leap GN, $9.99
Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #288, $7.99

Encyclopedia Lumberjanica An Illustrated Guide To The World Of Lumberjanes SC, $9.99
Mega Man Fully Charged #3 (Cover A Toni Infante), $4.99
Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #3 (Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon Secret Variant), $4.99

Inspector Oh GN, $19.99
Tales Of The S.S. Junky Star HC, $19.99

Measuring Up GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**
PopularMMOs Presents Zombies’ Day Off HC, $19.99

Monkey Vs Robot The Complete Epic TP, $29.99

Pistouvi GN, $19.99

Manga Classics Anne Of Green Gables GN, $19.99

This Is A Flying Rat HC, $15.99

Loud House Winter Special SC, $7.99
Sisters Volume 6 Hurricane Maureen GN, $9.99
X-Venture Xplorers Volume 1 The Kingdom Of Animals Lion Vs Tiger SC, $12.99

Legacy Of Mandrake The Magician #1, $3.95 **Weekly Pick**

The Picks:

Measuring Up GN – Harper Alley releases a story about identity and finding your way in the world. Cici and her family have just moved to Seattle from Taiwan. Cici wants to fit in at her new school, but also wants to celebrate her grandmother A-ma’s 70th birthday with her. Since she can’t go to A-ma, she plans to bring A-ma to her, but winning the grand prize in a kid’s cooking contest and using the winning to buy A-ma’s ticket. But only knowing how to cook Taiwanese food is a problem, especially after her pickled cucumbers are mistaken for worms. Determined to cook something American, she begins cooking her way closer to the prize money, until she starts to lose herself in the competition. Now she must find a winning recipe to reunite with A-ma, fit in with her new friends, and find herself in the process. Measuring Up mixes favors from American Born Chinese and Roller Girl with Master Chef Junior to make a story as tasty as it is entertaining.

Legacy Of Mandrake The Magician #1 – Red 5 comics presents a new take on a classic comic strip. Mandy Paz appears to be an ordinary teenager just trying to get through high school. She seems to be out of her way to not be noticed, because she’s hiding a big secret-she has powerful magical talents. When strange and sinister things start to happen in her small town, Mandy decides to stop hiding and take action. As she tracks down the root of the town’s trouble, she might also discover the truth about her own legacy; that she is a descendent of Mandrake the Magician. This series updates the 85-year-old comic strip with a new magician with problems readers today will find relatable.

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