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Oh My Gods | This Week’s Comics

Oh My Gods tops this weeks list of new comics releases

Oh My Gods, a fresh take on Greek mythology from Etch, tops this week’s list of new comics and graphic novels, along with a new emerging-readers series from Harper Alley. Other highlights include a tail-wagging new series from Graphix, Hound Heroes Volume 1 Beware the Claw. Iron Circus releases a cautionary tale about having a wish granted with Last Dance, while Papercutz continues its own spin on mythic heroes with Mythics Volume 2, Apocalypse Ahead.

The List:

Seamus The Famous GN, $9.99

World Of Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #1, $7.99

Batman Adventures Robin The Boy Wonder TP, $9.99

Oh My Gods GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**

Baby-Sitters Little Sister Volume 3 Karen’s Worst Day GN, $10.99
Banana Fox Volume 1 Banana Fox And The Secret Sour Society GN, $7.99
Hound Heroes Volume 1 Beware The Claw GN, $9.99

Beak And Ally Volume 1 Unlikely Friends GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**
My Weird School Volume 1 Mr. Corbett Is In Orbit GN, $8.99

Marvel Action Avengers Volume 2 #3 (Cover A Butch K. Mapa), $3.99
Marvel Vault Of Heroes Iron Man TP, $17.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #93 (Cover A Trish Forstner), $3.99

Last Dance GN, $12.00

Miles Morales Spider-Man #22 (Cover A Taurin Clarke), $3.99

Cat And Cat Volume 3 My Dad’s Got A Date Ew! GN, $9.99
Lola’s Super Club Volume 1 My Dad Is A Super Secret Agent SC, $9.99
Mythics Volume 2 Apocalypse Ahead GN, $14.99

Sengi And Tembo #1, $1.99

The Picks:

Cover of Oh My Gods

Oh My Gods GN – Etch puts a fresh and funny spin on Greek mythology. Thirteen-year-old Karen, a New Jersey native, moves to Greece to live with her eccentric, mysterious father, Zed. She starts school at Mt. Olympus Junior High, where she finds her fellow students aren’t as average as she is. They are all gods and goddesses reincarnated as teenagers, and someone is turning them into stone! Being the new girl at school, Karen becomes the main suspect. She must find a way to clear her name with the help of her new school friend deities, while getting to know her father, the king of the Gods, Zeus, and discovering more about who she really is. Mixing mystery with mythology, and filled with fun characters, this first volume is an entertaining take on the Greek myths tailored for middle-grade readers.

Cover of Beak & Ally

Beak And Ally Volume 1 Unlikely Friends GN – Harper Alley introduces an unlikely pair in a new graphic novel series for early readers. Ally the alligator is happy being alone. Beak is a noisy bird who thinks she needs a friend, and that friend is him! The chatty bird choses a nearby tree to build his new nest, and insists that he and Ally will be best friends. He has all kinds of friendship goals in mind, including riding bikes, going to the movies and solving mysteries together. Ally tries to convince him that she’d rather just be alone, but when a Long-Billed Party Pooper crashes Beak’s nest-warming party, she shows him what’s important to her; sticking up for what’s right. Fans of Narwahl and Jelly and emerging readers alike will enjoy this fun and funny buddy comedy.

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