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Find a Forever Home on This Week’s Comics List

Cover of Forever Home
Find a Forever Home on This Week’s Comics List

Forever Home from BOOM! Studios tops this week’s list of new comics along with a new middle grade series from First Second. Other highlights include Power Up, a graphic novel from the Etch imprint of HMH Books For Young Readers. Little Simon releases several new titles for younger readers including Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly, while Walker Books US releases the graphic memoir Sylvie.

The List:

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #317, $7.99

Byte-Sized #3 (Of 4), $3.99

Forever Home GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**
Power Rangers #4 (Cover A Matteo Scalera), $3.99

Scooby-Doo Where Are You #108, $2.99

Power Up GN, $12.99

History Comics The Wild Mustang GN, $12.99
Infinite Adventures Of Supernova Pepper Page Saves The Universe GN, $14.99 **Weekly Pick**
InvestiGators Volume 3 Off The Hook GN, $9.99

Dragon Kingdom Of Wrenly Volume 1 The Coldfire Curse GN, $9.99
Dragon Kingdom Of Wrenly Volume 2 Shadow Hills GN, $9.99
Pup Detective Volume 1 The First Case GN, $9.99
Pup Detective Volume 2 The Tiger’s Eye GN, $9.99
Super Turbo Volume 1 Super Turbo Saves The Day GN, $9.99
Super Turbo Volume 2 Super Turbo Vs The Flying Ninja Squirrels HC, $17.99

Miles Morales Spider-Man #23 (Cover A Taurin Clarke), $3.99

Sylvie GN, $16.99

The Picks:

Cover of Forever Home

Forever Home GN – BOOM! Studios releases a new graphic novel about finding a place to call home. Willow has two parents in the military and has had a nomadic childhood that’s made finding a place to call home impossible. Their latest stop is the historic Hadleigh House, where Willow encounters something that doesn’t help her chances of staying put—Ghosts! The spectral occupants have been scaring off would-be residents for decades, intent on keeping the house to themselves. But Willow’s determined not to let some nagging spirits force her to move again. She just has to convince her parents the old house is the one for them, ghosts and all. This middle-grade graphic novel will appeal to fans of Sheets and Anya’s Ghost. Check out the preview right here on Good Comics for Kids.

Cover of Pepper Page Saves the Universe

Infinite Adventures Of Supernova Pepper Page Saves The Universe GN – First Second introduces a new superhero who is her own inspiration! In the year 2421, Pepper Page is an awkward and shy girl who buries herself in the universe of the classic fictional superhero Supernova to escape the perils of the ninth grade. But when she encounters a strange cat named Mister McKittens and stumbles into a volatile science experiment, she is flung into another dimension. The cosmic beings who live there declare Pepper to be the steward of their great power, champion of harmony in the universe and protector of worlds present and past. She returns to the twenty-first century, where she finds she is actually the real Supernova, and that escapist fantasy and reality are two very different things. Filled with action, adventure and mystery, this new series is sure to appeal to middle grade readers.

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