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New Seven Seas Manga | Incoming

Today we’re catching up with some new Seven Seas manga licenses! Seven Seas has been announcing new manga licenses every Wednesday and today we’re going to take a look at some of their newly announced teen-friendly titles.

Cover of Colorless

Colorless, by Kent
Genre: Sci-fi, noir, punk, thriller
Status in Japan: Ongoing; five volumes released so far
Vol. 1 release date: May 2022
Rating: Teen

The world of Colorless is literally a world without color—it was all stripped away by a massive solar flare, and humans are mutating and dying off. The key to reversing this lies with an investigator named Avidia, who is hunting down the last remnants of color with the help of a special gun. He is also protecting a girl who may be instrumental to restoring the earth, and battling a sinister cult. Seven Seas will publish this manga with a two-tone process that brings scraps of neon color into the dark, black-and-white world of the story.

Cover of Namekawa-San Won't Take a Licking

Namekawa-San Won’t Take a Licking, by Rie Ato
Genre: Yuri, romance, comedy
Status in Japan: Ongoing; three volumes released so far
Vol. 1 release date: June 2022
Rating: Teen

Namekawa enters high school determined to be a delinquent, after enduring years of bullying in junior high. That seems to work on her classmates, who find her terrifying, but the head of the student disciplinary committee, isn’t having any, and her attempts to bring Namekawa into line result in a spectacular clash of wills in this yuri rom-com.

Cover of His Majesty the Demon King’s Housekeeper

His Majesty the Demon King’s Housekeeper, by Saiko Wadori and Mika Kajiyama
Genre: Isekai, shoujo, romance
Status in Japan: Ongoing; five volumes released so far
Vol. 1 release date: May 2022
Rating: Teen

Look, everybody has their thing, right? Sakura’s is that she likes to make everything tidy and clean, and that’s why she’s on her school’s Beautification Committee. But not for long! Through the magic of isekai manga, she is magically transported to a fantasy world that is… absolutely filthy. A curse prevents the residents from using cleaning magic, and the whole place is a mess, including the demon king’s castle. Sakura sets out to put things to rights, and that means she will be working alongside the demon king himself, who just happens to be extremely handsome.

Cover of Box of Light

Box of Light, by Seiko Erisawa
Genre: Mystery, fantasy, josei
Status in Japan: One-shot
Release date: July 2022
Rating: Teen

A convenience store stands at the borderline between life and the world beyond, and customers are drawn there to purchase the last items they will buy in this life. This one-shot manga did well in both the Kono Manga wo Yome! and Kono Manga ga Sugoi! rankings, two grass-roots lists of reader favorites.

Cover of Steam Reverie in Amber

Steam Reverie in Amber, by Kuroimori
Genre: Steampunk, fantasy, josei
Status in Japan: One-shot
Release date: July 2022
Rating: Teen

While hardly a household name in North America, Kuroimori is known in Japan as an artist whose work has appeared in many Final Fantasy products. This volume is a combination artbook and collection of short manga stories about magical themes such as a bookstore in the sky. Seven Seas will publish the book in full color and with a larger-than-usual trim size.

Cover of Sakurai-San Wants to be Noticed

Sakurai-san Wants to Be Noticedby Sora Akino
Genre: Shonen rom-com
Status in Japan: Ongoing; three volumes out so far
Vol. 1 release date: July 2022
Rating: Teen

We’ve seen this manga before: Makoto is a reserved teen-age boy who just wants to survive high school; Sakurai is his busty, outgoing classmate who enjoys teasing Makoto. Shenanigans and fanservice ensue! Hot girl teasing a shy boy is almost a genre of its own right now, with titles like Teasing Master Takagi-San and Please Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, so here’s another one for fans of those series.

Cover of I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend into a Girl

I Think I Turned My Childhood Friend Into a Girl, by Azusa Banjo
Genre: Rom-com, LGBTQ+, gender-bender
Status in Japan: Ongoing; two volumes out so far
Vol. 1 Release Date: May 2022
Rating: Teen

It’s a makeover story with a gender-bender twist! Kenshirou has been fascinated with cosmetics since he was a child, but he keeps that from almost everyone except his best friend Hiura. When Kenshirou gets the opportunity to practice his makeup techniques his friend, plain Hiura is transformed into a pretty girl, and they both start having some confusing feelings.

Cover of World End Solte

World End Solte, by Satoshi Mizukami
Genre: Fantasy, action/adventure, comedy, shonen
Status in Japan: Ongoing; one volume out so far
Vol. 1 release date: April 2022
Rating: Teen

A global war has left the world fouled with a sort of magical pollution that distorts time and space. Solte, an orphan whose parents died trying to stop the plague, is determined to end it herself, but rather than removing it, her plan is to wade right in to it and push through to see if there is anything on the other side. Mizukami is the creator of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, Spirit Circle, and Planet With.

Cover of X-Gender

X-Gender, by Asuka Miyazaki
Genre: Diary comic, LGBTQ+, seinen
Status in Japan: One-shot
Release date: June 2022
Rating: Teen

Asuka is X-gender, that is, neither male nor female, and realizes at the age of 33 that they like women. This diary comic follows their attempts to find love as a nonbinary adult.

Cover of Magic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No More

Magic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No More, by Hisaya Amagishi, Megumi Sumikawa, and KEI
Genre: Isekai, slice of life, comedy, seinen
Status in Japan: Ongoing; four volumes out so far
Vol. 1 release date: April 2022
Rating: Teen

Here’s another isekai manga about a girl who is transported to a fantasy world and spends her time there doing homely things. Dahlia was an avid crafter in her previous life, and when she is reincarnated in a new world, she turns her hands to making useful items such as waterproof slime cloths, fairy crystal glasses, and magic stoves and swords. Shaking off the depression that dogged her in her previous life, Dahlia is determined to enjoy her new life as a magical artisan.

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