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Glam Prix Racers | This Week’s Comics

Glam Prix Racers Back On Track tops this week’s list of new comics, manga, and graphic novels from Diamond Distributors along with a new Surfside Girls volume. Other highlights include a new issue of Batman and Scooby-Doo Mysteries from DC Comics. Roaring Book Press releases Bad Kitty Meets the Baby, while Viz Media releases the first collection of Pokemon Adventures X*Y.

The List:

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #326, $8.99
Betty And Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #300, $8.99

Mighty Morphin #15 (Cover A InHyuk Lee), $3.99

Batman And Scooby-Doo Mysteries #10 (Of 12)(Cover B Dario Brizuela), $2.99

Glam Prix Racers Back On Track GN, $12.99 **Weekly Pick**

Science Of Surfing A Surfside Girls Guide To The Ocean SC (Top Shelf Productions), $9.99 **Weekly Pick**
Sonic The Hedgehog Imposter Syndrome #2 (Of 4)(Cover A Mauro Fonseca), $3.99
Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #12 (Cover A Harvey Tolibao), $3.99

Bad Kitty Meets The Baby GN, $13.99

Ryan’s World Red Titan And The Never-Ending Maze GN, $6.99
Thunder And Cluck Smart Vs Strong GN, $6.99

Pokemon Adventures X*Y Volume 1 GN, $9.99
Pokemon Sun And Moon Volume 12 GN, $4.99

The Picks:

Glam Prix Racers Back On Track GN – Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of McMillian Children’s, sets off on the second adventure in this young graphic novel trilogy. The second race of the Glam Prix Cup on Glittergear Island has the racers heading off to Soft Swirl City. The racers and their motos will have to try to navigate slippery candy tracks, collect glittergum power balls, and avoid getting caught by the Gummy Mummy! Fresh off their win in the first round, the Glam Prix Racers led by Mio the mermaid and her monster truck Mudwick are ready to claim another sweet victory. But the mischievous Vroombot crew is up to their usual naughty tricks. It will take all their speed, smarts and friendship to race their way to the top! Filled with quirky characters and plenty of fast paced fun, this title will appeal to young readers.

Science Of Surfing A Surfside Girls Guide To The Ocean SC – IDW Publishing switches from the supernatural to the scientific in the third volume in the Surfside Girls series. Sam and Jade ride the waves of knowledge as they explain all about the amazing wonders of the sea. The best friends, along with Sam’s little brother Peet, explore ocean science as they try to answer questions such as why the ocean has waves, why the tides change with the moon, if dolphins really see using sound, how surfing actually works, and what we can do to protect the ocean. From physics to marine biology to ecology to surfing lessons, Sam and Jade make learning feel like a day at the beach! Middle grade readers will want to dive right in.

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