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About Johanna

Johanna Draper Carlson has been reviewing comics for over 20 years. She manages, the longest-running independent review site online that covers all genres of comic books, graphic novels, and manga. She has an MA in popular culture, studying online fandom, and was previously, among many other things, webmaster for DC Comics. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bright Family | Review

The Bright family has exciting space adventures and demonstrates creative problem-solving as the kids search for their missing parents.

Lucy in the Sky | Review

Lucy in the Sky, a rewarding read, follows a young teen through a year of change, accompanied by the music of the Beatles.

Trespassers | Review

Trespassers, by Breena Bard, is a meandering mystery featuring a fancy, abandoned lake house and a group of curious kids.

Let’s Make Dumplings! | Review

Let’s Make Dumplings! is a thorough exploration of a well-loved cuisine with plenty of detail and encouragement in a comic book cookbook.

Black Heroes of the Wild West | Review

Black Heroes of the Wild West tells the stories of three fascinating people and shows how diverse the West really was.

All Together Now | Review

All Together Now, the sequel to All Summer Long, tackles some big questions about creativity and relatioships.

Four-Fisted Tales: Animals in Combat | Review

Four-Fisted Tales: Animals in Combatby Ben TowleDead Reckoning, $24.95 Dead Reckoning is an imprint of the Naval Institute Press dedicated to graphic novels and focused on military history and biography. That’s specialized, but this latest release has the potential to greatly expand their readership. Who can resist stories of brave animals? Four-Fisted Tales: Animals in […]

Science Comics: Spiders: Worldwide Web | Review

Science Comics: Spiders: Worldwide Web has too many overwhelming facts, not enough story or connection to the data.

Kayla Miller’s Clash | Review

Clashby Kayla MillerHoughton Mifflin HarcourtGrades 3-7 Olive is back and struggling with friendship in Kayla Miller’s Clash. The young woman, first seen in Click, normally makes friends with everyone. That’s why she’s happy to volunteer to show new student Nat around. Unfortunately, Nat may not have the best motives in return. She’s quick to join […]

Gender Queer: A Memoir | Creator Interview

Gender Queer is Maia Kobabe’s memoir of accepting and sharing eir deepest secret and finding growth and stronger relationships as a result.