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Our Top 5 Comics Highlights of ALA Midwinter

From those of us who attend ALA Midwinter in Seattle, here are our top five comics related highlights of the conference! Listening to the roar of approval when Raina Telgemeier’s Drama was announced as a Stonewall honor book!  I believe the title’s selection was a bit of a surprise to everyone, not in that the […]

YALSA’s The Hub Reading Challenge 2013: Ready to go!

How up are you on the year’s best graphic novels?  Want to join in the challenge to read this year’s best of the best? When the awards are announced at the American Library Association’s Midwinter conference every year, we librarians (and book nerds everywhere) start amassing a pile of titles we need to catch up […]

Interview: Scott Robins and Snow Wildsmith

Two of our own contributors, Scott Robins and Snow Wildsmith, are now the published authors of the brand new A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kids Comics. In order to get a sense of how the guide came about, what it includes, and how everyone might benefit from its content, I took it upon myself […]

Question Tuesday: Graphic Biographies too fictional?

I work in a public library system, and a staff member recently voiced concerns about fictionalized dialogue in graphic novel biographies. This person feels that the presence of that dialogue should exclude them from our biography collection, as all books contained in that collection are books of fact, not imagination. Have you encountered such concerns […]

Question Tuesday: Fans Taking Over

I’m looking for some advice regarding the teen anime club…We started fine without any problems but within the last few  months I’ve had the yaoi fandom take over the club. It’s just 6 girls out of around 15 members, but they really tend to dominate and make the others uncomfortable…Nothing I say seems to have […]

Year End Review: Stats, stats everywhere!

It’s that time of year again when I take a good, hard look at my circulation figures and decide what’s been popular, what’s holding steady, what needs a bit of hand-selling, and what might just need to be jettisoned from the collection. I am thus sharing a few conclusions and wishes gleaned from my stats.  […]

Question Tuesday: Weeding

That photo to the right is what greeted me today when I got to my Teen Room.  We all know how well-loved our graphic novels are—we can see them loved to bits, literally. Given that every library eventually runs out of shelf space, and titles slowly fall to bits, no matter how popular a collection […]

Question Tuesday: Windows & Mirrors

Graphic novels and comics, just like other formats in kids and teen media, still have a ways to go to be a medium that consistently reflects the diversity and variation in our world, but I am always happy to see titles that broaden our views. In reading Craig Thompson’s Habibi (very much not for kids) this […]

Question Tuesday: Age Ratings Snapshot

Given the engaging discussions we all had last week in the Question Tuesday column, I thought I’d follow up this week with a snapshot of where age ratings and recommendations are right now. Many readers commented on how they look for age ratings, questioned how they’re explained, and struggled with how much weight to give […]

Question Tuesday: What about age ratings?

This week, I’m not so much answering a question from our readers but instead asking a question OF our readers. I am currently teaching an online continuing education class for the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science.  It’s always a fun time, and I always learn just as much if not more […]