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Snow Wildsmith

About Snow Wildsmith

Snow Wildsmith is a writer and former teen librarian. She has served on several committees for the American Library Association/Young Adult Library Services Association, including the 2010 Michael L. Printz Award Committee. She reviews graphic novels for Booklist, ICv2's Guide, No Flying No Tights, and Good Comics for Kids and also writes booktalks and creates recommended reading lists for Ebsco's NoveList database. Currently she is working on her first books, a nonfiction series for teens.

Review: Earthling!

Bud and his dad have just moved to New Mexico and Bud is not looking forward to being the new kid in school. But he ends up being newer than he expects when he accidentally gets on board the wrong school bus. Instead of heading to Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, Bud is now the only […]

Review: Biographical Comics series

Teachers, librarians, and parents are always looking for engaging biographies to hand to children. That is why it isn’t surprising that manga publisher VIZ has decided to release a series of biographies originally published by Shogakukan. Whether or not children will enjoy them enough to look for more biographies and/or more information on the subjects […]

Review: Young Miss Holmes, casebook 1-2

Christie wants to be just like her uncle, but when your uncle is Sherlock Holmes, that is a difficult thing to achieve. But Christie is smart and hardworking, so at the age of ten, she’s already the equal of any student at Oxford or Cambridge—at least in science and classics. When it comes to proper […]

Review: Terra Tempo, vol. 1: Ice Age Cataclysm

Jenna and Caleb have always looked up to their Uncle Al, an explorer and scientist. One day, while visiting their relatives’ house, the twins get the ultimate opportunity—they’re left alone in their Uncle’s study. Thanks to a little digging, they find his journal, but instead of pure science, it has tales of time travel! Jenna […]

Review: The Boy Who Cried Alien

No one ever believes Larry, and that’s probably because Larry never tells the truth. But he’s not lying about the aliens who have landed just outside of town. Unfortunately, he still can’t get people to believe him. He’ll have to figure out how to talk to the aliens in order to help them fix their […]

Review: Annie Sullivan and the Trials of Helen Keller

In 1887, Annie Sullivan, a valedictorian graduate from the Perkins Institution (a school for the blind), traveled down South to Alabama to become the teacher for Helen Keller, a seven-year-old girl who was left blind and deaf after a childhood illness. With Annie’s help, Helen learned to understand the world again, communicating first by letters […]

Review: The Shark King

Long ago in Hawaii, a beautiful young maiden, Kalei, falls in love with a handsome man — not realizing he is the Shark King. When their son, Nanaue is born, Kalei tries to hide what he is, but there is no denying his heritage…or his appetite! The Shark King R. Kikuo Johnson Ages 7-9; Grades […]

Review: Two Rudyard Kipling Tales Adapted for Comics

I love a good folktale, fairy tale, fable, and myth. So I was excited when I opened a recent box from Capstone and pulled out two of their new graphic novels, both of which are adaptations of classic Rudyard Kipling Just So Stories. While I haven’t loved all of Capstone’s “safe” and educational titles in […]

Review: Kitty & Dino

An aloof house cat is in for a surprise when her family’s son brings home an amazing find — a dinosaur egg! Kitty’s not sure that a baby dinosaur makes a good companion, but who can resist those pleading eyes? Kitty & Dino Sara Richard Ages 3-6 Yen Press, April 2012, ISBN 978-0-31613351-7 48 pages, […]

Review: Dalen & Gole: Scandal in Port Angus

When Dalen and his buddy Gole lose the annual Junior Jet Race because of a surprise, come-from-behind win by Tunax, they’re suspicious. Well, Gole is, anyway. Dalen refuses to believe that Tunax did anything wrong. But when they stumble over a mysterious portal that leads to a strange land called “Earth,” even Dalen has to […]