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Review: Mystic: The Tenth Apprentice

Giselle and Genevieve have survived life in The Limpet Hall Orphanage for Girls by dreaming of something better than toiling in a laundry and by sneaking into their Mistress’ library to teach themselves the Noble Arts of magic, something most only believe can be learned by the aristocracy. When an ill-timed study session results in […]

Review: Wandering Son, vol. 2

Shuichi, a young boy who is beginning to accept that he dreams of being a girl, and Yoshino, his friend who longs to change from a girl to a boy, are now in sixth grade. Their last year of elementary school seems likely to be as challenging—in both good and bad ways—as their fifth grade […]

Review: Series Roundup

Every once in a while I like to do a round-up of the latest volumes in series that I’ve enjoyed. It gives me a chance to talk about new volumes and remind you of why I think you should still be buying them for your library. Here are my latest thoughts: Squish, no. 2: Brave […]

Review: Star Bus: Attack of the Cling-Ons

“The voyages of the District 177 Star Bus! An ongoing mission for one gang of geeks…To seek out strange, alien video games…comics…and 3D movies. To boldly go where no bus has gone before!” But before the intrepid crew of the Star Bus can get to the comic book convention and deliver their passenger, famous science […]

Review: Balloon Toons New Releases

I enjoyed the first Balloon Toons titles so much, that I bought myself their newest releases, even though I don’t have small children of my own. As with the first set of titles, the newest Balloon Toons are fun and eye-catching and offer a nice mix of storylines, so new readers are sure to find […]

Review: Elephants Never Forget, Vol. 1: Big City Otto

Crackers, a parrot, just wants to help his friend Otto the elephant find out what happened to Otto’s chimpanzee pal Georgie. But Crackers’ suggestions for how to find Georgie result in a flight from the jungle all the way to New York City and then a mad dash through the city looking for Georgie and […]

Review: Babymouse #15: A Very Babymouse Christmas

It’s Christmas and all Babymouse wants is her two front…no, wait…A Whizz-Bang! She’s positive it’ll be the best present ever. After all it “plays video games and movies, it texts, sees into the future, folds laundry, and does homework!” Now if only it can help her survive Secret Santa time at school. Babymouse #15: A […]

Review: Bloody Monday, Vol. 1

Takagi may look like an ordinary slacker high-school student, but he’s actually a computer genius who hacks-for-justice under the name Falcon. When Takagi’s father, deputy chief of a super-secret branch of Japanese Intelligence dedicated to preventing terrorism, is framed for murder, Takagi becomes caught up in an international conspiracy. The Falcon must act quickly to […]

Review: Summer Camp Science Mysteries, Vol. 1-2

Nine-year-old twins Angie and Alex Rayez aren’t sure about heading to Camp Dakota for the summer, but it turns out that camp is pretty fun. They like their quirky camp counselors, Kyle and Loraine, and their fellow campers, Braelin, Rashawn, and Jordan. (Though it’s too bad that Carly is such a snob.) But camp soon […]

Review: Graphic Dinosaurs Series

School library publisher Rosen adds more dinosaurs to its Graphic Dinosaur series with the release of Set 4 this fall. Writers Rob Shone and David West cover somewhat more obscure dinosaurs this time around: Ichtyosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Iguanodon, Spinosaurus, Oviraptor, and Pachycephalosaurus. These five dinosaurs join Pteranodon, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus (from Set 1, 2008); Diplodocus, […]