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Feel-Good Manga: 6 Series to Relax With

Looking for something to give your heart and mind a rest? Check out these 6 manga titles about ordinary, and occasionally strange, everyday life.

Review: ‘Dr. Stone,’ vols. 1-6

Humanity has been turned to stone. Its only hope is a teenage who believes in the power of science.

Review: My Hero Academia Volume 1-5

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a superhero, but without a “quirk,” it seems impossible, until a fateful encounter with No. 1 Hero All Might changes his life forever.

Review: ‘Dragon Quest Monsters+’ Vols. 1-2

Pokemon meets Dragonball in this somewhat derivative but engaging manga series based on the popular, Akira Toriyama-designed Dragon Quest video game franchise

Review: ‘Satoko and Nada’ Volume 1

Satoko and Nada

Two young women, one Japanese and the other Muslim, room together and learn about each other’s culture.

Review: ‘Astra Lost in Space,’ vols. 1-5

Complete in five volumes, ‘Astra Lost in Space’ is a fun space adventure story with plenty of surprises.

Guest Review: ‘The Scarlet Letter’

Guest reviewer Erica Friedman thinks Manga Classics improved on Hawthorne’s original version of the Scarlet Letter by making one character a bit more relatable.

Review: Disney Manga Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

A Disney Manga faithfully captures the major beats of Tim Burton’s holiday movie.

Review: ‘Manga Classics: Romeo and Juliet’

Today I’m happy to present a guest review by manga expert Erica Friedman, who holds an MLS from Rutgers University and writes about and reviews manga on Okazu. Romeo and Juliet Written by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Crystal S. Chan, Illustrated by Julien Choy Manga Classics Grades 9-11 “Shakespeare has to be seen to be […]

Review: ‘Hey, Kiddo’

One of my favorite questions that I get from my students, aside from “Did you read every book in this library?” is “What’s your favorite book?” It’s a hard question to answer, because it does change from book to book. And I tell them that. But I do tell them that there are only a […]