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Beast Complex Volume 1 | Review

Beast Complex, a collection of side stories set in the world of Beastars, presents a series of vignettes about friendship and danger.

Wildflowers | Review

Wildflowers, Liniers’ third graphic novel inspired by his children, is a playful reminder of the power of imagination.

Goldie Vance: Larceny in La La Land |Review

Goldie Vance solves a Hollywood mystery in Larceny in La La Land, the latest volume of the teenage sleuth’s adventures—and the best so far, according to Esther Keller.

Flash Facts | Review

Flash Facts cover

The Flash leads a score of DC superheroes (and just as many comics creators) in Flash Facts, a winning anthology of explanatory science embedded in light superhero adventures.

Elvis Puffs Out | Review

Anchors Elvis, Lupin and Puck are back for the fourth volume of Breaking Cat News with funny and heartwarming news stories important to cats.

The Goldie Vance Mysteries | Review

Like a modern-day Nancy Drew, teenage sleuth Goldie Vance teams up with her friends to solve mysteries at the resort hotel where she lives and works.

Mickey Mouse: New Adventures of The Phantom Blot | Review

In Mickey Mouse: New Adventures of The Phantom Blot, Disney heroes Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Scrooge will all need to team-up to keep the world (and/or Scrooge’s fortune) safe from the mysterious criminal mastermind.

Marvel Action: Avengers: The Living Nightmare | Review

Marvel Action: Avengers: The Living Nightmare cover

Marvel Action: Avengers: The Living Nightmare concludes IDW’s Marvel Action: Avengers series, and proves the experiment of Marvel comics by a publisher other than Marvel a success.

Chef Yasmina and The Potato Panic | Review

Chef Yasmina and The Potato Panic cover

In Wauter Mannaert’s beautifully composed, gracefully drawn Chef Yasmina and The Potato Panic, an 11-year-old amateur gourmet chef and her gardener buddies must save the city from an addictive potato product with a curious side effect.

Justice League Unlimited: Hocus Pocus | Review

Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Deadman and DC’s magical heroes take the spotlight in Justice League Unlimited: Hocus Pocus, the latest themed collection of the new reader-friendly, mid-aughts super-comic.