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Review: Swamp Thing: Twin Branches

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches cover

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches features less swamp monster and more Alec Holland than usual…twice the Alec, as YA author Maggie Stiefvater gives Alec a new twin brother.

Katie the Catsitter | This Week’s New Comics

Check out this week’s list of new comics featuring Katie the Catsitter from Random House Books for Young Readers and WolfWalkers from Little Brown and Co.

ArkhaManiacs | Review

ArkhaManiacs cover

Arkham Asylum becomes Arkham Apartments in Art Baltazar and Franco’s ArkhaManiacs, which reimagines Batman’s worst villains as eccentric neighbors who have a few things to teach young Bruce Wayne.

CatStronauts Blast Off |This Week’s New Comics

Check out this week’s list of new comics featuring a CatStronauts from Little Brown Books for Young Readers and Spider-Girl from Marvel Comics.

Review: Magical History Tour: The Great Pyramid, The Great Wall of China

Magical History Tour is a new educational graphic novel series beginning with books on the Great Pyramid and the Great Wall of China.

Archie & Katy Keene | Review

Archie Andrews gets an unexpected rival in the form of the new girl in town in Archie & Katy Keene, by Mariko Tamaki, Kevin Panetta, and Laura Braga.

Ride On Is Faith Erin Hicks’ Next GN

Faith Erin Hicks announced her next graphic novel on Twitter.

This Week’s Comics Takes Off with Wings of Fire

Check out this week’s list of new comics featuring Wings of Fire Volume 4 The Dark Secret from Graphix and Tammy & Jinty Special 2020 from Rebellion.

Archie Milestones #12 | Preview

Treat yourself to some laughs with our preview of Archie Milestones #12, a party-themed collection of Archie (& friends) comics.

Savor | Exclusive Preview

Savor is a food fight with high stakes, as a warrior-chef tries to save her village from demon cooks.