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Review: DC Super Friends

Among the latest offerings from Capstone’s fruitful relationship with DC Comics are a line of hardcovers reprinting some of the latter’s kid-friendly comics. Not collections of groups of comics, but single-issue reprints, differentiated from the original comics only by their hard, sturdy covers and spines—actual comic books never seem to last long in libraries, no […]

Common Core Comics

It’s hard to believe that November is knocking on the door and the school year is well underway.  (If it wasn’t for Hurricane Sandy, I’d be thinking about elections, Thanksgiving, and yes… the Winter Holidays!) Of course, what my thoughts are constantly busy with are the buzzwords “Common Core” that are being chirped up and […]

Review: Graphic Spin: Rudyard Kipling Stories

I admit, I never read Kipling’s Just So Stories, but as soon as I read the first page of How the Leopard Got His Spots, I put down the comic and went Online to find a full text version. (Thank you Project Gutenberg.) And my instincts were correct… making me like these adaptations even more.

Review: Tall

We all grew up on stories of Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed.  This anthology brings together four fabulous comic renderings of some well-known stories, told by some better known artists and authors and some who are up and coming.

Review: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

This retelling of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is one of the 4 titles in the Graphic Revolve: Arabian Nights series put out by Stone Arch (an imprint of Capstone), aimed at young readers, reluctant readers, and ESL students.

Review: Good Vs. Evil

Deceivingly slim and simple these little comics can be read, understood, and enjoyed in multiple ways.

Graphic Expeditions – Isabel Soto

Isabel “Izzy” Soto is a historian and an anthropologist. Through a discovery she made, and with the help of super scientist Max Axiom, she is able to travel through time and space to see historical people and study cultures first hand. She goes on adventures, looking at the history of global warming and the Bermuda […]

Review: DC Super Pets

Last year, Capstone Publishing launched a new line of chapter books starring DC Comics’ most famous superheroes. It was a great idea in principle — a sure-fire way to interest reluctant readers in longer, more complex narratives — but the execution was uninspired, with flat, lifeless artwork and bland stories. I’m pleased to report that […]

Review: Max Axiom, Super Scientist

A few months ago, Snow and I discovered that we were each planning to review different titles in the Max Axiom Series. After some back and forth, we realized that we should probably team up and review the series together. Especially, since we’d both be bringing different perspectives to the review. Snow’s background is in public libraries and my background is in school libraries. While a library is a library, our mission does slightly differ.

Max axiom is a scientist who acquired some interesting super powers from a freak accident. He now uses those powers to help explain scientific ideas to a young audience. By shrinking down to size Max gives readers a view of science like students may have never seen before.