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Justice League Unlimited: Girl Power | Review

Justice League Unlimited: Girl Power presents eight female-fronted Justice League stories starring the likes of Zatanna, Mary Marvel, Gypsy and Natasha Irons.

Metropolis Grove | Review

Is Superman living in the woods behind a suburban development? That’s what the kids in Drew Brockington’s Metropolis Grove want to find out, but the answer is more bizarre than they could imagine.

Dear DC Super-Villains | Review

Even the baddest of the bad guys get fan mail, and in Dear DC Super-Villains Michael Northrop and Gustavo Duarte reveal the kinds of questions that kids ask the Legion of Doom

Nubia: Real One | Review

L.L. McKinney and Robyn Smith’s Nubia: Real One finds a young woman with Wonder Woman’s powers living in the real world, which is no fairy tale. Even for an Amazon princess.

Flash Facts | Review

The Flash leads a score of DC superheroes (and just as many comics creators) in Flash Facts, a winning anthology of explanatory science embedded in light superhero adventures.

Justice League Unlimited: Hocus Pocus | Review

Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Deadman and DC’s magical heroes take the spotlight in Justice League Unlimited: Hocus Pocus, the latest themed collection of the new reader-friendly, mid-aughts super-comic.

Batman Adventures: Robin, The Boy Wonder | Review

Batman Adventures: Robin, The Boy Wonder makes the world’s greatest sidekick the latest recipient of a character-focused collection of evergreen stories

Review: Swamp Thing: Twin Branches

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches features less swamp monster and more Alec Holland than usual…twice the Alec, as YA author Maggie Stiefvater gives Alec a new twin brother.

ArkhaManiacs | Review

Arkham Asylum becomes Arkham Apartments in Art Baltazar and Franco’s ArkhaManiacs, which reimagines Batman’s worst villains as eccentric neighbors who have a few things to teach young Bruce Wayne.

Justice League Unlimited: Time After Time | Review

DC Comics’ greatest heroes adventure in the past, present and future in Justice League Unlimited: Time After Time, which collects time travel-themed stories from the publisher’s millennial kid-friendly comics.