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Maker Comics: Build a Robot! | Review

Maker Comics: Build a Robot offers surprisingly simple projects thar are not only fun but also introduce basic principles of engineering.

Maker Comics: Create a Costume! | Review

Maker Comics: Create a Costume! guides readers through the creation of five costumes and offers a variety of practical advice as well.

Chef Yasmina and The Potato Panic | Review

Chef Yasmina and The Potato Panic cover

In Wauter Mannaert’s beautifully composed, gracefully drawn Chef Yasmina and The Potato Panic, an 11-year-old amateur gourmet chef and her gardener buddies must save the city from an addictive potato product with a curious side effect.

Review: Dungeon Critters

Dungeon Masters Natalie Riess and Sara Goetter roll out a fun campaign mixing comedy, character and careful plotting in their new Dungeon Critters.

Graphic Novels to Watch Out For in 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what next year will look like with cover reveals of three upcoming middle-grade graphic novels.

Review: ‘The Nutcracker and The Mouse King’

Forget Tchaikovsky; cartoonist Natalie Andrewson adapts E.T.A. Hoffman’s original children’s story, the one that inspired the holiday classic, and with dancing linework and cartoon visual vocabulary, she transforms it into a diverting comedy of a fairy tale.

Review: Dragon Hoops

Book Cover

Gene Yuen Lang’s ‘Dragon Hoops’ was getting a lot of buzz even before it was published, and Esther tells us why!

Review: Maker Comics Draw a Comic

The latest title in First Second’s Maker Comics series is a Maker Comic about making a comic!

Middle School. The Worst Years of My Life.

Stargazing by Jen Wang

Esther Keller looks at five graphic novels about navigating the highs and lows of middle school.

Review: Science Comics: Cats, Nature and Nurture

First Second’s line of Science Comics looks at the not-so-humble cat, from prehistory to the domestic breeds of today.