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Queer as All Get Out | Review

Queer as All Get Out: 10 People Who’ve Inspired Me is a collection of inspiring biographies of queer and diverse people.

Gender Queer: A Memoir | Creator Interview

Gender Queer is Maia Kobabe’s memoir of accepting and sharing eir deepest secret and finding growth and stronger relationships as a result.

Review: Nat Enough

A middle-school story with a good dose of humor, ‘Nat Enough’ is a story about making friends, losing friends, and finding your own voice.

Graphix Announces Two New Raina Telgemeier Books

The most exciting news of the New York Comic Con, just held, for anyone involved with graphic novels for young people was Graphix’s announcement of two new Raina Telgemeier books coming in 2019. Guts returns to the area that made her a superstar. It’s a graphic memoir, coming in September 2019, set before Smile. Telgemeier […]