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Review | ¡¡Manu!!

Kelly Fernandez’s Manu is a tale of of friendship that stays solid when magic goes awry, set in a school for magical girls.

Trespassers | Review

Trespassers, by Breena Bard, is a meandering mystery featuring a fancy, abandoned lake house and a group of curious kids.

Children in the Holocaust | Mini-Reviews

Two graphic novels about children in the Holocaust provide an introduction to the topic that’s appropriate for young readers.

Allergic | Review

Allergic is a story about a girl’s struggle to find a dog that won’t leave her in sneezing fits, but it’s also a story about fitting in.

Graphic Novels to Watch Out For in 2021

Here’s a glimpse of what next year will look like with cover reveals of three upcoming middle-grade graphic novels.

Jimmy Gownley Returns in November

Jimmy Gownley, the author of the Amelia Rules! graphic novel series, has a new work coming out later this year.

Review: ‘Animorphs Graphix #1: The Invasion’

Following the success of the Baby-Sitters Club books, Graphix turns another classic chapter book series into a comic with their first Animorphs graphic novel.

Review: Nat Enough

A middle-school story with a good dose of humor, ‘Nat Enough’ is a story about making friends, losing friends, and finding your own voice.

Books in Brief: It’s Not Halloween…

Short takes on three middle-grade books with a supernatural flair.

Review: ‘She-Ra and The Princesses of Power: Legend of The Fire Princess’

Caleb reviews the new She-Ra graphic novel, which is based on the animated show and stays pretty close to it.