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Review: The Magic Fish

Trung Le Nguyen invites readers to experience delicately-rendered, elegantly retold fairytales with his protagonists in his debut graphic novel, The Magic Fish.

Review: ‘Kerry and the Knight of the Forest’

Kerry strays from the path and gets lost in a dark and haunted forest, but that’s where the similarities to most fairy tales end in Andi Watson’s surprise-filled new graphic novel.

Review: ‘Stepping Stones’

Comics memoirist Lucy Knisley’s successfully conquers a new genre in ‘Stepping Stones,’ her first graphic novel for kids, Protagonist Jen struggles adjusting to a new life in a new place with a new family, facing frustrations that will feel familiar to any kid…or anyone who used to be a kid.

Review: ‘The Runaway Princess’

Princess Robin is on the run, and if she’s going to navigate all the difficulties and dangers cartoonist Johan Troïanowski has created for her in ‘Runaway Princess,’ she’s going to need the reader’s help.