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Preview: Sabrina: The Magic Within, vol. 4

Back in the middle of the manga boom, the Archie folks moved the character Sabrina the Teenage Witch to a manga style, written and mostly drawn by Tania del Rio. The format stayed the same, though—full-color monthly comics, not the black-and-white digests manga readers are accustomed to. Last year, they started re-releasing the comics as […]

Review: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch The Magic Within Vol. 1

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: The Magic Within Vol. 1 Written and penciled by Tania del Rio, inked by Jim Amash Archie Comics, $10.99 In 2004 Archie Comics hired up-and-coming artist Tania del Rio to reinvent their Sabrina character, who at that point had been appearing in comics for over 40 years and had already generated […]