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Review: Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Kang & Kodos

Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Kang & Kodos #1 By Various Bongo Comics; $3.99 As the Every Simpsons Ever marathon on FXX has so amply demonstrated, there are a lot of characters in the Simpsons universe, even if that universe is little more than a single small town somewhere in America. And many of the funniest, most […]

Review: The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #19

The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror #19 Written by Doug Moench, Ian Boothby and Len Wein Art by Mike Kazaleh, Tone Rodriguez and Dan Brereton Bongo Comics, $4.99 The Halloween-themed “Treehouse of Horror” episodes tend to be the very best episodes of any given season of The Simpsons, and they’re usually still well worth tuning in […]

Review: The Malevolent Mr. Burns

The Malevolent Mr. Burns #1 Written by Gail Simone, Ian Boothby, Nathan Kane, Dean Rankine Drawn by Mike Kazaleh, Chris Houghton, Tone Rodriguez, Rankine, Jason Ho and Mike Rote Bongo Comics, $3.99   In its 24 seasons on the air (so far), The Simpsons has gradually generated one of the biggest and richest supporting casts […]