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Mao Vol. 1 | Review

Rumiko Takashashi’s latest manga series Mao, featuring a time-travelling school girl fighting supernatural threats, seems reminiscent of her own Inuyasha, but only in the broad strokes.

Kirby Manga Mania | Review

The pink, spherical, inhaling hero of the long-lived video game franchise stars in his own manga series, but the Kirby of Kirby Manga Mania is a rather different character than that of his many games.

Beast Complex Volume 1 | Review

Beast Complex, a collection of side stories set in the world of Beastars, presents a series of vignettes about friendship and danger.

Super Mario Manga Mania | Review

It’s Mario as you’ve never seen him in Super Mario Manga Mania, a curated collection of manga-ka Yukio Sawad’s long-running series that imagines Nintendo’s popular character as a practitioner of bad puns and potty humor.

Review: Transformers: The Manga Vol. 3

The third and final installment of Viz’s Transformers: The Manga includes adaptations of a pair of Japanese-only cartoons, making this the most unusual and exotic in the series.

Review: ‘Persona 5,’ Volumes 1-2

The popular JRPG video game gets a manga adaptation that allows non-players to enjoy the characters and story.

Review: ‘Prince Freya’ Vol. 1

In Keiko Ishihara’s new series a village girl must take the place of the dead prince to save her friends and the whole kingdom., But she quickly learns that there’s more to playing the role than cutting her hair and changing her clothes, and any mistakes could prove fatal.

Review: Samurai 8: Tale of Hachimaru Volume 1

The new title by the creator of Naruto heads to the stars with sci-fi and samurai.

Review: ‘Transformers: The Manga’ Vol. 1

Viz presents the Transformers’ original Japanese comics appearances from the 1980s in a surprisingly age-less all-ages collection.

Review: ‘Transformers: A Visual History’

The 35-year history of the 1980s toyline-turned-multi-media franchise is tracked in imagery in Transformers: A Visual History, a coffee table book for the most devoted Transfans of all ages