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Roundtable: Our favorite holiday graphic novels

With the air filled with holiday tunes and the TV schedule filled with holiday specials, we thought it would be an opportune time to recommend some of our favorite holiday-themed graphic novels as well. I’ll start with Craig Yoe’s Great Treasury of Christmas Comic Book Stories. I love a big, colorful treasury like this, and […]

Preview: Disney’s Four-Color Adventures, vol. 1

Time for some vintage Disney goodness: Disney’s Four-Color Adventures, vol. 1, which came out a few weeks ago from BOOM! Studios, collects all of Dell’s Four Color #4 and #13 (yes, the name of the comic was “Four Color,” I guess because it was published during the Age of Duotone). According to David Gerstein’s very […]

Review: Walt Disney’s Donald Duck and Friends: Double Duck, Vols. 1 & 2

When the world’s most secret agency needs an important dossier recovered, there’s only one duck for the job: Donald Duck, AKA Double Duck, the most secret spy of all. Donald Duck’s such a secret spy, even he never knew he was one! Can he relearn his training, save the day, and keep Daisy from finding out […]