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You Can’t Read Them All: Widening the net of the Newbery search

Even in a year full of intense reading, it’s impossible for one person to finish every single book with Newbery potential. With a committee of fifteen serious readers, though, the Newbery process still works.

December Nomination Time: Last Chance to Nominate

It’s time for our final round of nominations, a little early so we can make our Heavy Medal Book List. Select your final top two children’s books of the year by Saturday, December 4th and we’ll add them to our nominations list.

Flashback Friday: Newbery Themed Desserts

On this Flashback Friday of the holiday weekend, let’s take inspiration from the Newbery symposium and come up with some fun Newbery themed desserts. What’s your favorite? Crown: an Ode to the Rice Krispy? or Last Call for Whipped Cream?

Spider Verse and Golden Shovels: Poetry Collections for Mock Newbery Consideration

Poetry collections don’t appear often on the list of Newbery winners, but this could be the year. Two top contenders include a tribute to Harlem Rennaissance poets and a poetry/prose mixture devoted to spiders.

Underrepresented Genres: Nonfiction worth nominating?

Nonfiction is often mentioned as an underrepresented Newbery category and there are only five nonfiction titles nominated on Heavy Medal so far. What 2021 titles deserve a place at the table?

Encores for Skunk, Badger, and Young Foxes: Will a sequel win the Newbery?

The Mock Newbery spotlight moves to sequels, as Skunk and Badger return for a new adventure, complete with backpacks, chickens, and a dinosaur egg, while a new generation of young foxes endure some seriously scary adventures.

What are we missing 2.0 Heavy Medal sleepers?

There’s only one nomination period left for Heavy Medal in early December. Are there any titles that we are missing from the list? Here’s a look at other Mock Newbery’s and what’s on their lists.

The “Early Six” and “Five Word Friday”

The “Early Six” list of books for the Heavy Medal Book List have been unveiled. Start reading these titles which will definitely be discussed in-depth leading up to the Newbery announcement.

Sunshine, Aidan, and Pony: will a second read increase their Newbery chances?:

When you’re not sure if a book you’ve just read should be a Newbery contender, what do you do? You read it again. PONY, SUNSHINE, and THE MYSTEROUS DISAPPEARANCE OF AIDAN S. are examples of excellent books that my shine more (or less) brightly after a second read.

November Nominations Results

Over 50 books have been nominated by Heavy Medal readers as top contenders for the Newbery Medal. Check out the full list so far and see how your favorite books of 2021 match up.