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Flashback Friday: Newbery Themed Desserts

On this Flashback Friday of the holiday weekend, let’s take inspiration from the Newbery symposium and come up with some fun Newbery themed desserts.

I’ve always been a fan of edible book festivals. My alma mater UIUC does one every year around April 1st. Take a look at the archives for some of their past creations, with a few Newbery titles: a CORALINE cake, “A Wrinkle in Thyme,” another Wrinkle in Thyme, a MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS chocolate tower, a “some pig,” sandwich platter from CHARLOTTE’S WEB, a GRAVEYARD BOOK graveyard cake

Some other ideas I have for Newbery themed edible book desserts are:

the cover of "Crown an Ode to the Fresh Cut" with gold colored, crown shaped rice kripsies around the boys head like a Crown.
  • When You “eat” a Tiger… a tiger decorated cake!
  • Scary “cupcakes” for Young Foxes… SCARED fox cupcakes with scary, scary faces
  • HOLES (a big box of donut holes!!!!)
  • Eat the Stars (a big plate of star shaped cookies for NUMBER THE STARS)
  • Oh and we can’t forget the dessert I made for the ALSC virtual edible books festival back in 2020 Crown, an Ode to the “Krispy” Cut

What are your Newbery themed dessert ideas? Let us know in the comments!

About Emily Mroczek-Bayci

Emily Mroczek (Bayci) is a freelance children’s librarian in the Chicago suburbs. She served on the 2019 Newbery committee. You can reach her at


  1. Meredith Burton says

    What a neat idea! ANd, I would love to try some of those delicious-sounding desserts.
    Here are three ideas I had.

    1. Caddie Woodlawn Chocolate PIe with Chocolate Chips ore Pecans that could be Decorated to Resemble Buttons. (Inspired by the chapter called “ALas, Poor Annabel).
    2. THe Wednesday Wars cream puffs with SHakespear references on them in icing. (not too original, I know, but it’s the best I can do. Ha).
    3. The Giver Ice Cream Cake to make us think of Jonas’s first encounter with snow.

  2. FOr Te Giver ice cream cake, I also thought of including a white chocolate raspberry filling to remind us of Jonas’s ability to “see beyond”. Now if I could just find an accomplished cook to create these desserts!
    I loved the Number the Stars cookie platter idea, too.

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