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November Nominations Results

Over 50 books have been nominated by Heavy Medal readers as top contenders for the Newbery Medal. Check out the full list so far and see how your favorite books of 2021 match up.

Nominations Catch-Up: under-the-radar Mock Newbery contenders

Heavy Medal readers selected Newbery-worthy titles during the first round of nominations a few weeks ago. In our two months of book discussion, we’ve neglected to feature 5 of the top 20 nominated books. We remedy that today and consider how these overlooked titles stack up against the rest of our assumed contenders so far.

Newbery 100th Anniversary Mini-Poll on

Heavy Medal readers are invited to take part in the Newbery 100th Anniversary Mini-Poll on School Library Journal’s website. Click the link to and share your opinions about the award’s history, its most popular books, and how the medal impacts readers.

2 Escapes, 1 Tragedy, and 13 Meals: picture book nonfiction that could win a Newbery

Nonfiction titles in picture book format are often absent from Newbery lists…but not always. This year’s contenders range from riveting tales of violence, war, and escape to a humorous look at flies as a food source. Will any of these rank with the top contenders for the Newbery Medal?

The Heavy Medal Awards Committee: A look ahead to our Mock Newbery selections

Every year on Heavy Medal we finish with a Mock Newbery Election. This year’s process will include the formation of the Heavy Medal Award Committee in December, a booklist of 15 finalists, and a live discussion and ballot on Zoom. If you’re thinking you might be interested in taking part, here are some details and a rough timeline.

Flashback Friday: Never Won a Newbery

As part of our monthly look at the Newbery’s 100th Anniversary, we’re asking readers to weigh in on the books and authors that have never been awarded the Newbery Medal. Cast your vote in three polls, then let us know why you believe your choices might have deserved Newbery recognition.

Reader-Character-Author Connections: Autiobiographical Possibilities for the Newbery Medal

Three excellent authors revisit events from their own childhoods, which include the complications of 8th grade in the 1980s, a young artist’s life in the USSR, and a combustible case of sibling rivalry. All three books could be worthy additions to this year’s Mock Newbery discussion.

Ghostly Appearances in the Newbery Conversation

2021 may be the year of the ghost in children’s literature. Several of the year’s best books prominently feature supernatural elements that are employed in highly original ways that lead to fresh explorations of racism, gender identity, self esteem and other topics that we don’t often play a part in ghost stories…though we might expect them in Newbery Medal contenders.

Nice, But Not For Newbery…or Are They?

In every Newbery year there are a handful of books that I thoroughly enjoy, yet don’t consider award-worthy. It’s possible that some or all of these deserve a closer look…

October Mock Newbery Nominations: Share your top three

It’s time to nominate! Select your top three children’s books of the year and add them to our October nominations list. The nominations list will reveal which books Heavy Medal readers support most strongly as Newbery Medal contenders. We’ll add to the list in November and December, but for now, submit your October three by October 9th.