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October Nomination Results

36 Heavy Medal readers nominated a total of 36 titles for the Mock Newbery in October. Red, White and Whole leads the way, closely followed by Amber and Clay.

Picture Book Palooza

In recent years, picture books received Newbery action. Do any 2021 titles have what it takes to win the medal?

Magical Realism/ Historical Fiction: The New IT GENRE

It seems like historical fiction/ magical realism is a big sub genre this year. Today we look at THE LEGEND OF AUNTIE PO, THE YEAR I FLEW AWAY and ALMOST THERE AND ALMOST NOT.

More Top Titles from 2021: It’s time for June suggestions

Books suggestions for the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery are open for the next week. Add your favorite eligible titles to our growing list of 2021’s best children’s books.

Twice as Many Titles: The Updated Mock Newbery List

Our newly updated Mock-Newbery list includes 15 new title suggestions from readers. Have you read any of these potential Newbery Medal contenders?

Growing the Mock Newbery Reading List: May suggestions are now open

Read any excellent new children’s books in the past month? Now’s the latest opportunity to add your recommended titles to our “suggestion list” on Heavy Medal. Share authors and titles in the comments section by May 9th and we will add them to our steadily growing Mock Newbery book list.

17 for Spring: Mock Newbery Suggestions So Far

Our list of suggested titles for the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery is now up to 17 titles. Check out the ranked list here, which includes a wide range of styles, themes, and subject matter.

April Suggestions: Adding to the Mock Newbery reading list

April suggestions are now open on Heavy Medal. This is your chance to add eligible titles to our growing list of books that could be contenders for the 2022 Newbery Medal.

First Contenders: The Heavy Medal Mock Newbery reading list…so far

Check out the early reading list for Heavy Medal’s 2022 Mock Newbery Award. Readers submitted possible candidates published in early 2021…see the results here.

Looking Ahead to the 2022 Newbery Medal

With the announcement of the 2021 Newbery Medal, this season of Heavy Medal comes to a close. We’ll return in September to look at the most likely (and maybe some unlikely) contenders for the 2022 Newbery Medal. Between now and then, we’ll build a reading list of the top 2021 title by asking readers to […]