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Five Word Friday: Nominations in 5 Words or Less

Let’s take the 35 Heavy Medal nominations and try to describe them in five words or best. Can you guess all the books?

October Nomination Results

36 Heavy Medal readers nominated a total of 36 titles for the Mock Newbery in October. Red, White and Whole leads the way, closely followed by Amber and Clay.

October Mock Newbery Nominations: Share your top three

It’s time to nominate! Select your top three children’s books of the year and add them to our October nominations list. The nominations list will reveal which books Heavy Medal readers support most strongly as Newbery Medal contenders. We’ll add to the list in November and December, but for now, submit your October three by October 9th.

Final Nominations: 52 titles to consider for the 2021 Newbery Medal

The last of our three nomination periods is closed, resulting in a list of over 52 titles that could be Newbery Medal contenders. We’ll narrow it down soon to the 12-15 titles that will make up the Heavy Medal Book List.

Last Chance for Mock Newbery Nominations: Select two final books for December

It’s your final opportunity to nominate titles for the Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award. After selecting a total of five books previously, readers may now select two more, for a total of seven. Share your titles and the reason why you chose them, and we’ll reveal the final totals soon.

Mock-Newbery Nominations List: 43 titles to consider (so far…)

The year’s not over yet, but Heavy Medal readers have identified over 40 contenders for the 2021 Newbery Award. Check out our ranked list of nominations through November.

Narrowing Down the Newbery List: Choose two for November

Can you name your top children’s books of the year so far? On Heavy Medal we’re following the Newbery process of inviting each reader to nominate a total of seven books over the course of our Mock Awards process. November nominations are now open, so it’s time to put forward two of your top seven, which is not easy to do in a year with so many stellar titles.