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Heavy Medal Award Committee Live Zoom Results

There were more than 400 attendees at Heavy Medal’s live Zoom Mock Newbery webcast where STARFISH won the Heavy Medal Mock Award and AMBER and CLAY claimed an honor.

Newbery 2022 Predictions

There are so many strong titles and possibilities for the 2022 Newbery. Here are some predictions in many different categories.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist- Watercress by Andrea Wang

Andrea Wang’s WATERCRESS is a gorgeous picture book with exemplary prose and juxtaposition says Heavy Medal Award Committee member Stephanie Saggione in her introduction. Join our Mock Newbery discussion of this picture book.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist- RED, WHITE, and WHOLE by Rajani LaRocca

One of the most loved books on Heavy Medal this season was Red, White, and Whole by Rajani LaRocca. Heavy Medal committee member Andrea Tyler introduces its’ strengths.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist- PITY PARTY by Kathleen Lane

PITY PARTY is the quintessential story for middle school students. It’s a party no one wants to go to, but we have all been there. The interpretation of the theme is well done throughout the book and presented in different ways.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist: THE LEGEND OF AUNTIE PO by Shing Yin Khor

Let’s talk about the one graphic novel on our Heavy Medal Mock Newbery list this year. THE LEGEND OF AUNTIE PO by Shing Yin Khor is a historical graphic novel with a bit of a reimagining of the Paul Bunyan tall tale thrown in.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist: JUST LIKE THAT by Gary Schmidt

Our second week of Heavy Medal Mock Newbery discussion opens up with Just Like That by Gary Schmidt, introduced by Heavy Medal Award Committee member Louie Lauer.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist: AMBER AND CLAY by Laura Amy Schlitz

Laura Amy Schlitz uses many styles and forms of writing to tell the story of Melisto and Rhaskos in the complex work of Amber & Clay.

Let’s Get Discussing: Heavy Medal Mock Newbery 2022

Heavy Medal will take a short break before diving into our in-depth book discussions on Monday. December 27th. Now it’s the time for re-reading (or reading any titles you missed so we can be ready to discuss.)

It’s the FINAL BOOKLIST: Heavy Medal Mock Newbery List of 15

Announcing the final Heavy Medal Book List. These are the 15 titles that will be read, discussed, and voted upon by the Heavy Medal Award Committee, starting on December 27th.