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October Nomination Results

36 Heavy Medal readers nominated a total of 36 titles for the Mock Newbery in October. Red, White and Whole leads the way, closely followed by Amber and Clay.

Picture Book Palooza

In recent years, picture books received Newbery action. Do any 2021 titles have what it takes to win the medal?

How are we doing? What are we missing?

59 books have been suggested so far and it’s no surprise that most titles are middle grade. Here we take a look at Heavy Medal suggestions by the numbers.

Bored in the woods, raconteur’s something something, just like sadness? Books I didn’t finish

In acceptance that one cannot read every book published in 2021, here are a few titles Emily put down. Can you convince her to revisit any?

Sokrates, Leonardo, Greek Gods, and a Time-Traveling Cat: Historical Fiction Newbery Contenders

The Mock Newbery discussion begins with two unusual historical fiction novels whose characters include Sokrates, a time-traveling cat, the ghost of a young girl, Renaissance painters, and several Greek gods. Do AMBER AND CLAY and DA VINCI’S CAT have the qualities of true Newbery contenders?

Heavy Medal 2022 – A Look Ahead to the Mock Newbery season

The Mock Newbery season is here on Heavy Medal. The next few months will be filled with book discussions, nominations, a Mock election, and occasional conversations about the 100 years of the Medal’s history.

Suggestions updated: Heavy Medal’s current list of possible Newbery contenders

Our list of possible Newbery Medal contenders has reached 59 titles through the end of August. In September we’ll begin discussing this year’s best books, ultimately leading to our annual Mock Newbery Election in January.

End of the Summer Suggestions? Add your favorites to our Mock Newbery list

September suggestions are now open for Heavy Medal’s Mock Newbery discussion. Add your top Newbery-worthy titles in the comments below to help create the Mock Newbery book list.

Award Worthy? : Heavy Medal’s Mock Newbery Suggestions through August

The Heavy Medal Mock Newbery season starts up again in just one month. Meanwhile, we’ve built a list of over 50 possible contenders for the 2022 Medal. Check out our latest list of suggestions.

August Suggestions: Add to Our List of 2022 Newbery Contenders

Our Heavy Medal Mock Newbery discussion starts in September. Meanwhile, we continue to build our list of possible contenders for the 2022 Newbery Medal. August suggestions are now open, so add your top titles during the first week of August.