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Heavy Medal Award Committee Live Zoom Results

There were more than 400 attendees at Heavy Medal’s live Zoom Mock Newbery webcast where STARFISH won the Heavy Medal Mock Award and AMBER and CLAY claimed an honor.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist: AMBER AND CLAY by Laura Amy Schlitz

Laura Amy Schlitz uses many styles and forms of writing to tell the story of Melisto and Rhaskos in the complex work of Amber & Clay.

The “Early Six” and “Five Word Friday”

The “Early Six” list of books for the Heavy Medal Book List have been unveiled. Start reading these titles which will definitely be discussed in-depth leading up to the Newbery announcement.

October Nomination Results

36 Heavy Medal readers nominated a total of 36 titles for the Mock Newbery in October. Red, White and Whole leads the way, closely followed by Amber and Clay.

Sokrates, Leonardo, Greek Gods, and a Time-Traveling Cat: Historical Fiction Newbery Contenders

The Mock Newbery discussion begins with two unusual historical fiction novels whose characters include Sokrates, a time-traveling cat, the ghost of a young girl, Renaissance painters, and several Greek gods. Do AMBER AND CLAY and DA VINCI’S CAT have the qualities of true Newbery contenders?