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Farewell – The Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Process of 2020 Is Officially Over

The 2020 Newbery season is behind us and the 2021 Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award process is about to start!

Heavy Medal Finalist #15: Torpedoed by Deborah Heiligman

Nonfiction titles seldom win the Newbery. Here at Heavy Medal, we always include a few nonfiction on our top contenders list. Will Torpedoed, a finely crafted and suspenseful historical account, win over 15 Heavy Medal Award Committee members’ hearts and take home the gold medal? Read Sam Leopold’s introduction and join the conversation.

Heavy Medal Finalist #13: To Night Owl from Dogfish

Could a light-hearted tale in emails and other communication methods be the strongest contender of the 2020 Heavy Medal Award? Read the introduction and tell us what you think about the odds.

Heavy Medal Finalist #10: The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

One of the early front runners in this year’s Heavy Medal Mock Newbery selection, will The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise retain the enthusiastic support and continue to gain momentum? Join the conversation here.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Finalist #4: Lalani of the Distant Sea

Recent Newbery winner Erin Entrada Kelly’s magical tale of Lalani and her quest receives high praise from Heavy Medal Award Committee Member Melisa Bailey. Join the conversation to discuss this book.

Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award Finalist #1 – Beverly, Right Here

Kicking off the Heavy Medal Award discussion process, Committee Member Rachel Wadham discusses the merits of Beverly, Right Here, affirming this title’s many distinguishing qualities.

2020 Heavy Medal Mock Newbery Award Finalists… almost: we need your input!

What are the front runners of this year’s Heavy Medal (Mock Newbery) Award titles? You have a chance to decide on the final two titles!

“Planet Earth Is Blue” the “Wonder” of 2019? – Newbery Criteria: Vastly Good vs Individually Distinct

Reviewers have called Planet Earth Is Blue poignant, intricate, masterful, authentic, and exceptional — does it have a shot at the 2020 Newbery?

Infinite Hope by Ashley Bryan, or How I Failed to Evaluate a Masterpiece for the Newbery

Have we found the most distinguished book for children this year? Presenting “Infinite Hope” by Ashley Bryan.

Heavy Medal, Mock Newbery, Award – Nominations Tally

Read and find out which titles are front runners for the Heavy Medal, Mock Newbery, Award?