“Big ALA” and the new School Library Resolution

“Big ALA” will be focused on school librarians even more after the 2012 Annual Conference recently held in Anaheim. We need it. So many school librarians want to join AASL or other divisions without paying dues that include the parent organization,  “Big ALA.”  I personally joined ALA and AASL as a new school librarian because […]

NLLD or VLLD: Time to “Take Action”

I am on my first train to get from Albany, NY to Washington, DC on a grey, chilly Sunday morning as part of the New York Library Association (NYLA)’s delegation. We will participate in the American Library Association’s National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) on Tuesday, April 24th.  I am fairly sure I will be the […]

Become an E-Activist Now!

What?!?! President Obama’s budget threw the Improving Literacy through School Libraries funds into one big literacy pot? It was JUST funded by Congress after two years of zero funding and now our chances of competing with the five other literacy programs get lower and lower. There is so much to be done! Time to throw […]

Donna L and 24,999 Other People Have a Message for Arne Duncan

I was at school when the White House petition reached its 25,000 signature and helped students’ researching for a seventh grade debate with a huge smile on my face. One of my seniors wanted to be the 25,000th signature but our slow school networks slowed him down so that “Donna L.” beat him to the honor. A special education teacher, a school secretary, my teaching assistant, students, my husband, a technology person and a young tech intern from New York City all signed.

Librarians responded, AASL and ALA responded–but our advocates were there for us—and that is the BIG message.