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Go play with GoAnimate

Okay, it seems I’ve fallen in love with yet another 2.0 tool.  Play this.

You’ve already heard me rave about the potential of the other toon-makers in storytelling and learning.  By now, you’ve likely played with:

takes toon-making a number of steps forward with its ability to add movements, music, special effects, and much more.  This video tutorial explains it all. 

You can use the existing library of scenes, music and sounds, props, and characters or you can import your own.  I took the library scene above right from images we collected for our Virtual Tour

I know.  It’s not there yet.  My example above displays no filter for taste. But it was my very first, five-minute effort and I am still trying to master the voice-over feature.

If you can get past the primitive nature of my own animation, imagine the potential here for animating original stories; for retelling historical events, novels or current events; for promoting a school event; for public service announcements; for student council election campaigns.  Imagine the potential for foreign language learning.

You can easily embed your completed toons in other applications and add your classes’ animations to blogs and wikis and nings.  You can determine whether or not you’d like your toon shared with the GoAnimate community.

Here’s an example from the GoAnimate library that does a far better job of demonstrating the application.  This little bit of political satire, by Lizz Winstead, was created before Senator McCain made his recent Veep selection:

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Joyce is an Assistant Professor of Teaching at Rutgers University School of Information and Communication, a technology writer, speaker, blogger and learner. Follow her on Twitter: @joycevalenza


  1. Laura D''Elia says:

    Joyce–this was so much fun. Thanks as always. I immediately started thinking about humorous scenarios that help explain library policies. I came up with a video after playing all weekend. I’ve posted it on TeacherLibrarianNing since I can’t post html here. It’s called Lost Library Books. Thanks again!

  2. Whether you like Obama or not, I think it is disturbing that so many of his followers want to equate him to Moses or God. Have you lost sight of who God really is?

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