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Code of Best Practices in Fair Use: The Webinar

I’ve written quite a bit about the new Code of Practice in Fair Use.  The code describes how copyrighted material may be used in teaching and learning without permission and without penalty when the use is transformative. That is, when the teacher or student use of the material repurposes or adds value to the original work.

Librarians are often their schools’ Fair Use gatekeepers.  But I know most of you have not been able to get to a place where you might get a solid introduction and understanding of the new Code, the consensus of educators’ understanding about how Fair Use should be used in our practice.

Last week our Classrooms for the Future program hosted an Elluminate seminar led by Renee Hobbs, of Temple’s University’s Media Education Lab.  The program featured a discussion of the five principles and their limitations.  The CFF folks have generously agreed to share it with the education community. 

So please share this webinar with your own students and colleagues and administrators!

Update: Just noticed ISTE posted a similar webinar featuring Renee, Hall Davidson, and Kristin Hokanson.

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